GUHH Training Weekend + DRAMA

So I did something dramatic

This weekend was the running club training weekend at Inversnaid (on Loch Lomond). It had a hot tub and an amazing venue and the whole thing was going great- a night in getting to know each other, getting up a bit later the next day, chatting away. Everyone was brilliant fun, all new members seemed lovely. 

Then on Saturday morning we went for a run, split into 2 groups- a ten miler and a 4 or 5 miler. I went on the four or five as did my S.O. However, a mile or so in he and 2 others split off to make it a bit shorter (they may have been feeling the effects of alcohol the night before...!). Another mile or so on the trails with just two friends (so now 2 miles off of road) I tripped. I went to get up, checked out my hands, then checked out my knee and thought, "Oh god...". I had actually split open the whole top of my knee, so far in that I could see gooey white cartilage and the bone. Argh.

Both of my friends reacted amazingly, I can't thank them enough. They sort of looked at each other and clearly thought, "Oh dear", then made a joint decision to be calm. C- who studies medicine- made me sit immediately, raised my leg, and bound it up with his tee shirt. This was more so I couldn't see it than to keep it from bleeding, as it wasn't gushing or anything. A just yelped, "I'll get help!", then bounded back towards road. I later found out that the park ranger was the first person she ran into, but she was so panicky that she didn't realise who he was, and he had to point out that he could help and had 'Ranger' written all over all of his clothing and bags.

In the meantime, C and I tried a bit of hopping, balancing on him, but it wasn't really working. We also cracked a lot of jokes and started completely random conversational topics to keep my mind off of it. A random hiker also gave me a jacket, cause' I was getting cold. If you ever read this, thank you. People attempted to phone the bunkhouse to get hold of my S.O. but it didn't work- the cell signal out there is terrible. Then we were told that the ranger thought that there was no way I would get back by foot so he had called a boat to get us. Another 30 mins in the cold and rain as the boat was coming from Luss! We just all huddled, wearing some of the ranger's and some of the hiker's clothes.

When the boat came, the volunteers on board were superstars- chatting away whilst lifting me onto a stretcher. They kept joking around, "Do you come here often?", "Do you have a boyfriend?", "Dear god, you're heavier than you look". They were funny! During the loading, S.O. did call but was told there was basically nothing he could do now (I also think people thought he might be less calm than they were being!). They sped me across the water to Inversnaid main road, where there was an air ambulance, aka helicopter. I elected the person I knew best of those present to come and I was boarded onto the helicopter. We had to go above cloud level because the weather was appalling, and I didn't realise till later that she is afraid of heights! I didn't see much of this cause' I was boarded up on the floor.

At the hospital there was a short wait, then my leg had to be cleaned out. By far the nastiest bit- when they say scrub, they mean scrub. A lot of saline was also pumped through it. I was given local anesthetic but I'm not ashamed to say I fainted when they tweezed the bone back into place- it just felt so WEIRD

Then they had to x-ray before closing, which was disturbingly quick! It came back clear and we actually cheered- I think the doctor thought we were mental. Then more anesthetic and closing the stitches. Which also hurt but that was to be expected. I got seriously lucky. No bone damage, no tendon damage, no ligament damage. The cleaning bit hurt so much firstly cause' it was so deep and secondly cause' they were moving all those pieces with tweezers to check they were intact!

Friends drove my S.O. to get us (legends- we were miles away at this point, easily 1.5 hours drive). We finally got some food (hadn't eaten since 10am!) and relaxed. Even though I went to bed early I still went to the party (no dancing, natch), which was Mr Men themed. I was Little Miss Whoops- so appropriate. There was excellent minor scandal, a few incidents of nudity (not my own), some skinny dipping, and a lot of spooning (everyone v. kindly said it was cool if S.O. shared my bed, even though all the rooms were communal dorms. To be fair with my leg its extremely unlikely that canoodling would have occurred!).

There was also a nipple-off (male only participants, it has become a bit of a tradition, prize goes to the best nipples, NOT the best chest... Though it can tend to go that way).

Image below is of my leg sans stitches, in the middle of getting cleaned. It was deeper than this shows because this image shows it bleeding. Image is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY NSFW, CHILDREN, THE ELDERLY, ANYONE OF WEAK DISPOSITION, YOUR MUM, ANYONE SCARED OF BLOOD AND GORE, and if you have a HEART ATTACK, NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTURBANCE ETC NON OF IT IS MY FAULT AS YOU CHOSE TO SEE THIS.

Legally covered much? Also, ew:


  1. OMG Fiona!!!!!

    That is the craziest story ever. And that is the craziest picture ever. I was not prepared.
    I'm glad that it looks much worse than it is! You're so lucky that there was no major damage. Being flown in a helicopter is pretty bad ass though.

    Feel better soon!!

    1. NeNe and my BF were both completely mad I didn't take them in the helicopter! Helicopter rides are usually really expensive and I get one on the NHS :)


  2. After your comment on my FinishTag giveaway, I HAD to come over and see what you were talking about w/ your accident. CRIPES, you were not joking!! of course, then you put a picture behind a jumplink and I had to follow that.. EEEESH!! It is a good thing I'm super squeemish. Wait, no - that is a bad thing!! :-D

    Well, I'm glad that you're feeling better and on the up and up.

    OH, and the nipple contest is HILARIOUS. While coed would have been better, making the guys all line up and then taking pictures is priceless.

    1. See we (or rather, the guys) sometimes try for Co-ed but it never happens ha ha. We do occasionally get a co-ed taps aff! photo but women's sports bras are still pretty hugh coverage!

  3. Can I just say - Oh. My. God. That looks so nasty! How did it heal? How did you get back to running with such a huge scar on such a bendy bit?? How does it look now?

    I'd like to request an update on this story in a new post!

    1. Haha Rhona, Absolutely can do! I actually think that might be a good idea for a post so I will keep you *serious pause* POSTED.