BUCS Plans

This week has been a bit like this- sexy, I know. You can thank me later. Ive been running oh so so so much better (thankyougod thankyoutraining) but still eating dodgy crap and hardly sleeping. Today the mailman thought it appropriate to come at 7am and get me to sign for stuff... who does that?!

Had a great 7 miler and a great 6 miles the other day with a girl from my club but she is a dang sight faster than me and my knee is playing up a bit now so I will be taking it easy the next few days!

In the interest of performing reasonably at BUCS I intend to get more sleep and eat better in the next few weeks and will be recording my progress on here under the nurtritionals tab!

EDIT: I will in fact have to focus overall on rest and recouperation. After the Monday 5miler my knee was a big weird feeling, which is why I took Tuesday off. Sadly after 4 slowish miles today its really sorry. Feels pretty ITB esque, likely from returning to training quite strongly. Im going to be giving it some major TLC (ice, rest, massage, ibuprofen, possibly a specialist) and see what comes out of it.


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