Runners World- 30 for The Girls

I saw that Runner's world (LINK to article) had a thing about ladies running so I picked out some of my favourites, most appropriate to an incredible allstar like me (hur de hur).

1. Running is a state of mind. The only thing that determines your success, or lack of success, is the way you think about your running. If it works for you – if it relieves stress, burns calories, gives you time to yourself, enhances your self-esteem – then it doesn’t matter what any other person or any stopwatch says about your running.

Im not even gonna be cheeky about this one. Its just dang true. I don't care that I suck. I run for me.

3. Running with headphones outdoors is a safety hazard in more ways than one. You won’t be able to hear cars, cyclists or someone approaching who intends to do you harm. Attackers will always pick a victim who looks vulnerable. When you have headphones on, that means you.

This one is especially pertinent right now, along with its sister tip:

20. Women who run alone should take precautions. Leave a note at home stating when you left, where you’ll be running and when you expect to return. Carry a personal attack alarm. Stick to well-populated areas, and don’t always run the same predictable route. Avoid running at night and don’t wear jewellery. Pay attention to your surroundings. Carry identification, but include only your name and an emergency phone number.

I've been thinking a lot recently about how I can keep myself safe whilst running. I've also been talking girls out of running alone and telling everyone I can about the recent missing runner (Sherry Arnold).

4. Fast running burns more calories than slow running, but slow running burns more calories than just about any other activity. In short, nothing will help you to lose weight, and then keep it off, the way running does.

YAS, now we're hitting the big guns. Sad, but true, that ladies (and some men) DO care about this. I want to monopolise my exercise time both to be healthy and fit but, I'm not gonna lie, also to make sure I look pretty snazzy when shorts weather comes around. Get me some sprints going onnnn.

8.An American study found that running women produce a less potent form of oestrogen than their sedentary counterparts. As a result, female runners cut by half their risks of developing breast and uterine cancer, and by two thirds their risk of contracting the form of diabetes that most commonly plagues women.
More seriously, running is just plain good for you, as is working out and keeping down your weight. I don't know what you guys think but since I'm two grandparents down to it... I think cancer SUCKS. So if I can dodge that genetic legacy, I would be pretty chuffed.
9. Having another woman or a group of women to run with on a regular basis will help to keep you motivated and ensure your safety. It’s also a lot more fun than running alone. Women runners become more than training partners; they’re confidantes, counsellors and coaches, too.

I've met some ace ace ladies through training. In fact all the ladies I've met through training have been pretty ace. I also love my blogs, love my wider web of runners, love even the other lady runners who smile at me in the park. Don't get me wrong- I love my male runners too... ;-) Healthiness is sexy, fact.

13. Note: women who train intensively, have been pregnant in the past two years or consume fewer than 2500 calories a day ...

Who am I kidding?! That tip is totally not for me.

17. It may not be much consolation, but men are sometimes verbally harassed and occasionally threatened on the run, just as women are. Be sensible when you run, but don’t let insignificant taunting limit your freedom.

The boys I know get a lot of 'Run Forrest, Run!', we girls get a lot of 'Heyy lady' etc, as a WHOLE CLUB we get a lot of, 'Ha ha youre runnin'!' (oh gosh, REALLY?! Hadn't noticed). Sometimes its funny, sometimes its scary, sometimes its a pain in the ass, sometimes (mostly en masse) we retaliate- my friend M once replied to a, 'forrest' comment, "Looking at you, maybe you should think about doing some more running?". Funny, but keep in mind he is pro level and totally capable of running away...


  1. Loving this list! I try to recruit running friends with number four all the darn time. And it works!

    1. I'm always trying to recruit friends, esp whent hey make the mistake of saying "Why do you like running?!" And I given them a monologue ha ha!

      - Scallywag