Grangemouth 10k

I really could do with giving my posts more inventive names. Could start doing the fashion blogger thing and quoting musical lyrics or poets. So therefore this post is actually called, "Grangemouth" or... erm... "Requiem for the Dream". Honest.

Last year I ran Grangemouth and detested it, getting a horrible time and being really upset. However, I actually thought this year may be much better. Why? Because I'm just so so happy to run for my team again, and be a part of a race that I really don't care how well I do. Furthermore I know I won't run well or fast, so suddenly the pressure is off. I can be the world's hugest underachiever but it doesn't matter cause that isn't the goal at all. Nice.

Also this week I did quite a lot of exercise and ate reasonably and managed to do SPRINTS. Yes, afterwards my knee felt a little 'odd' but not actively sore actually. I did 2k total, 400m sprints at average 6.36 pace. Quite happy with that one.

So I ran, a 1.03. Which is pretty terrible as far as 10ks go. But you know what, I stretched a lot. I chatted to people. I had a REALLY NICE DAY. People kept checking I was okay when I stopped then were really confused when I wasnt out of breath, just loosening my knee. After about 8k it was sore so I did a lot of walk running and chatted to other runners. I told people when the end was nigh and did a lot of, 'You can do this!'. One lady came up to me afterwards and said I'd really helped her. So thats part of what running is about too, being part of a community.

Afterwards, we started the drive home, then realised we had forgotten people! Ha ha. Returned for them. Then headed to a beer garden to enjoy Glasgow's unseasonably warm weather (18 degrees celsius, thats hot for here!) and ice lollys. Top that off with a meal with N and watching Avatar sleepily and I had a really nice day! The time doesnt matter, I had a great day.


  1. you are right...the time doesn't least you're out there doin it! Way to go girl! I just stumbled on your blog and had to comment :-)

    Thats all...:-)

    come follow along my blog all about color :-) I think you'd enjoy it :-)

    1. When you said your blog was about colours I was kinda like, "Ehh..." But I just looked and couldnt have been more wrong- its so cool! Thanks for your comment Aarean! xox