Weekly Roundup Thus Far

So as I posted in my exercise diary tab, I recently did mile sprints (Tuesday) which was tough, tough, tough. I am very out of shape! My team are all a good deal faster than me, and when I completed the first mile rep they clapped me. 

Now, I'm going to be a mega-biatch for a second here. Do. Not. Clap. Me. I know, I know that they were trying to be super motivational and supportive but it makes me feel like a 5 year old who just managed a cartwheel. 

Luckily I have great teammates and when I quietly explained this to a close friend on the team and the BF, they both understood and got it. YAS.

I also did a long run of 7 miles (Sunday), Bikram Yoga (Monday) and some cross training (yesterday/Wednesday).

Runner's Luck (Zaneta) recently did a post on how your mile time can predict what you'll run at longer distances. Now thaaaaaaat's interesting given that I just did those bad boys. However I wasn't sure about which to use- the guidelines for calculation say that you should have pushed it but not be dead. I ran one 7.40 but was dead and one 8.11 which I've run in longer runs so was probably a result of me being dead. So I ran both through the algorithm to see: 

No idea why these have gone a bit blurry. Paint hates me. However it was interesting reading, given that I am definitely not capable of a 2 hour half (predicted by 7.40) and recently ran a 27.14 5k (8.11 predicted a better time) but also recently ran a 55 minute 10k (much closer to the 7.40 input than 8.11). So I guess this shows there is some variation on performance for distances. I tend to suck at 5k- I can't push myself into fast pain enough. More sprints for me I guess!

I am very proactively trying to manage my ITBS on the run up to the Edinburgh half- aiming for one normal miles run, one LR, one sprints and some cross training every week with LOTS of physio exercises, LOTS of icing, LOTS of stretching. LOTS. My knee is a little funky today (feels just odd) but its been worked hard this week and we'll be fine.

I'm sad about Bikram- I really enjoyed it but its just to expensive to go without the deal!


Would you be upset by the clapping? Or am I being a super cow ha ha?
What does your mile best say about your times?
Any advice for further ITBS/knee management?


  1. I've never had IT issues but I've heard to just foamroll everyday!

    and I would've been a clapper :( I'm a nerd like that. If anything I'd tell them "Hey I appreciate the motivation but you clapping after 1 mile makes me feel like a kid - save it for when I'm done" ;)

    1. I quietly explained and they were really nice about it so alls well that ends well! Yeah I've been foam rolling too but sadly don't personally have one so only use them when I'm at the gym. My birthday is coming up mind... :P

      Thanks for commenting!