This Weekend

I am INCREDIBLY excited about this weekend, I have planned my fuelling strategy (heatwave has hit Scotland, not even joking today its 23 degrees celcius, 73 farenheit! Edinburgh is slightly better- 16 degrees celcius and 63 degrees farenheit. However its due to be 19 celcius by Sunday). My fuelling strategy has shifted from a few gels to electrolyte tabs and suchthelike and a drinking strategy. I plan to have 500ml the night before then 300ml in the morning then go to the... ahem... water closet pre race. Then there are water stations approximately ever 4 mi so i plan to drop half a Zero tab in each water to regain electrolytes then carry the water along. I will bring a gel but I don't know if I will take it. If I do it will be at 7mi approximately. 

I also am having friends over for a pasta party on Saturday night (we are SO cool), and having lunch with the fam after the run. My brother is moving abroad so it will be really good to see him. Then meeting one of my bessies for coffee and a wander :)

Im going to be honest, I'd love a PB but given the conditions...

Does heat put you guys off running?


  1. I think you're really smart to plan ahead for the heat. Electrolyte tabs are great! Heat really throws my body off and I cramp pretty easily. I've learned the hard way! Good luck!

    1. The heat did not work in my favour... ha ha!