Olympics Natter #1

I have been watching as much of the Olympics as possible (though I cannot WAIT for athletics to start, which is where most of my watching will be occurring!) and so far I'm loving it. My flatmate and I played hot-or-not with the teams when they entered the stadium (hats off to Denmark, with the hottest overall members).

The only thing I'm hating so far is the UK press coverage! So far its been snarky about Yi Shiwen the 400m medley winner, mean about Paula Radcliffe pulling out and her age and there are even some moping about the decor for god's sakes! I understand the curiosity about Shiwen- her time was truly exceptional and a big step up for her, and China does have a fairly negative history with doping athletes.

However, the whole point of justice is innocent until proven guilty, shes very young and its possible shes a prodigy and just emerging at her full strength. The comparisons to Phelps also smack a bit of, "But shes a girl!". She could be doping, but give her the chance. As of Paula, stop being b****y, yes she pulled out but shes injured and I cant imagine the strength of will to pull out of your likely last ever Olympics. Shes a multiple world record holder. Girl has done enough. And the decor... Really?! Firstly I think the whole thing is swish and the opening ceremony, whilst weird, was also pretty funky. Lets face it though, these athletes could be doing their thang in a run down barn and still be exceptional. All the rest- the outfits, backdrops and logos is just PR.

Speaking of the design at the Olympics, HOW cute are the Great British team competition outfits? Stella McCartney designed them and I love them. I am so so tempted to buy a running tee (here modelled by Jessica Ennis, a British heptathlete), but is that just too ridiculous if you're not even a decent runner?

Today I started running again. I ran just a quick mile in 9.03 and that was TOUGH. Its hot out today but still- el pathetico I tell you. I have definitely lost major fitness over the thesis that I had to hand in. Still my plan is to build up a solid base up to regular 6 milers then switch to my original 5/10K plan of speedwork, hills and runs with cross training and strength work intermixed. 

I might do a wee post tomorrow on my running gear, cause y'know I like to be a stereotypical TOTAL GIRL like that ha ha. Additionally due to some recent gifts and buys I now have some totally cute running gear. Fashion is motivation... right?

EDIT: First gold to team GB in Rowing Women's pairs!


  1. Yes yes YES! I love new kit and am all about the patterns. I totally agree with you: when I've got an important day at work I dress for it, so why not when I'm running or racing?! I do it for me and how it makes ME feel and act. Dressing the part might not make me perform like a pro but sure makes me feel like I could! Thanks for a great read!

    1. Hey Sarah! I think you meant to add this on the newest post, about fitness fashion, so I will move it there and reply there!