Hill Sessions

Last night I ran my first session this University year.
Sessions are hard and in the past Ive hated them with vehemence. I get the theory- that you truly push yourself and get a lot fitter but in practise I feel very downtrodden about them. I hate being at the back and I hate being so unfit comparatively. Last night I just told myself to suck it up and it turned out great.
The session was 2 blocks of 6 time hill sprinting for 55 seconds (with jog backs between, no stopping or walking, a couple of mins rest between the two blocks). Straight from the start I just told myself you ARE doing this, you arent stopping.
Quite often coach gives me a free pass on a couple of repetitions because Im not at the same standard. Whenever I spoke to him last night I just kept saying that it was fine, I'd be able to do the next reps and you know what? Both he and I believed me. And you know what? I totally did it. I got to the same point on the hill every single time, which was also a pretty decent point up and on the very last rep I hit that mark at 50s (5s earlier than the previous repetitions). 
Just goes to show how much of running is all in your head. Usually I get all stuck up and depressed from the get go. That night I just didnt let it stop me running. Additionally, usually whenever coach talks to me I feel like hes trying to humour me, or thinks I suck. Last night when he was explaining how far fast hill running that means I had completed (about 3 mi including jogs back) and how it would help my running I realised he is genuinely just trying to make us better runners.
And I'm not even that stiff today. Calling it a win.
Do you do sessions at all? Like them? Hate them?
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  1. Thanks for reposting the giveaway! I've never done sessions with a group. I'm sure I'd be at the back and just trying to keep up, but I bet it would be a good challenge! Great job for getting it done!

    1. Thanks Jen :)! Did 2 sprint sessions this week so we will see how it goes!

  2. What a great slogan!! I wish I enjoyed running! xxx

    1. Come over to the dark siddddeeee, we have cute Nike gear tooooo. Ha ha. Thanks for commenting :)