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These are new printed running skins from Nike. Apparently (insert media blab here), "On the outside, she might be the girl next door, but on the inside, her body has survived grueling workouts, often pushing through pain, broken bones, pulled muscles and harsh tears. With images of X-Ray bones digitally printed on the outside, the exclusive print tight gives a glimpse of her inner toughness…They are not to be worn by the timid, the weak or the wallflower. They are for the woman who wants to let people know she’s not just an average girl – she’s an athlete.". I see.
They're currently retailing at $90/£56 ish, or they would be if they weren't out of stock in every corner of the galaxy (I've checked, believe me). For good reason- these are BAD.ASS. Nike you are still cool cats for sure. Im bored of all female running kit being girlie girlie and pink and grey etc.
They've also got all the boring good stuff: Nike Pro Dri-Fit, machine washable, wide comfort waistband, digitally printed so the pattern doesn't fade...

I'm not going to lie- I would want these even if they were shoddy but its great that you can run in them too and be as comfy as in any Nike gear (I think its probably my favourite cool exercise clothes brand).
Secondary note: I saw a couple of other sources commenting on these. Jezebel suggested they're perhaps a little thinspo-ey which I have to say I actually disagree with- I think remembering that your bones are important in the strength of your legs probably isn't too terrible a thing to recall and they don't make me think, 'these are cool, so cool in fact that I intend to become skeletal'. I can however see the point of the blogger whom suggested they remind them of osteoperosis...
Cool or not cool? Weird or totally awesome? I think awesome.


  1. When I first saw them I wasn't into them, but after looking at them for a while I want them ;)

    PS: I JUST realized that girl's face you pasted over your injury on the guest post you did for me is Jenna Marbles ;) LOL

    1. I wanted them all along ha ha

      And yes, I Loovvvvvvvve Jenna Marbles and all the things she says. Shes brilliantly unapologetic and totally cool!

      Thanks for commenting :)