New Kicks

So I was running in fairly new (Sept-ish) Nike Icarus. Then my ITBS problems started up again and I didnt even think of the shoes.
I did have multiple other issues with hip stability, the large gash through my knee tissue, etc etc. So I was too busy addressing those. But then it got to the point where the physio was saying I was flexible enough and stable/strong enough from a kabillion squats (side coolness: I can do 20 single leg squats in a row now, how awesome am I?), that the issues should be mitigated.
However, still, a few runs into training it was flaring up again in a huge way. So I booked an emergency appointment. And we looked at my feet. And we found huge pronation, on my left hand side especially.
Now, I am always a bit suspicious of physios I'll admit. Even though I think mine is fantastic and she has helped tons (she gave me her email address to update her on how it was going- how nice is that?!), theyre expensive. Furthermore, these physios are part of the same company as the local technical running store. So when they say your shoes might be at fault, you get suspicious.
However, then my cynic was absolutely wiped out by treadmill evidence of this. The physio took me along to the store and had me do some treadmill running, which they tape with a nifty camera. We watched it back and WINCED. All of us- me, my physio, the store owner and the two employees she was training up, visibly flinched.
Basically, Nike Icarus' are cloud-like comfy, but very loose around the edges, made for a neutral runner with strong stability. When I was running in these, in slow motion my feet would make impact, collide inwards and my ankle gets painfully close to ground on the pronating roll. So a very serious pronation. Looking at that video killed my doubts. It looked painful, it looked unnatural and that was literally 2 minutes of running on a treadmill. Just imagine the impact of miles and miles of that on road.
So I checked out the other pair of running shoes I have- Adidas Adistars- but these are also the neutral type (though a good deal more stable than Nike Icarus). And I resigned myself to being poor. I needed new shoes.
In store, I tried on Asics, Brooks, Saucony, and Mizunos, and ran in them all. These are all great running brands, if a little expensive. The Brooks and Saucony I found so wide for my foot, especially from the ball of the foot onwards? Are these known for being wide shoes? Asics were good and are known for being good shoes, but the pair I liked best were moderate stability Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s.
They are apparently based very much on the 8s of the same shoe, with minor changes- slightly narrower, shallower, still firmly targeted at the over pronating foot. Very light mesh over the upper- I've seen one commenter say that theyre afraid their toes will get cold in winter! Theyre pretty light at 8.3 oz/235.3grams.
A couple of things I noticed- 1) that they have very low soles at the front, apparently to encourage you forward but I will be cautious of this as I havent run in similar ones before, 2) that they are a CRAZY colour- blue, lime, silver and red?! Everyone will see me coming in these.
Apologies for crappy instagram pictures.

Over the next few days I will be trying to spend as much time as possible just walking about in these, doing a lot of yoga, strength, stretch and icing to calm the ITBS before I start proper training again.

BUCS is this weekend coming and Im likely going to race... Someone has to be last, right? Ha ha. Its a trip to Leeds and Im sharing a room with a close friend.

This whole saga has cost me a ton. But I'd rather my legs were good and safe to run and its taught me things too: that gear, miles, strength, stretch and recovery are all important!


What do you run in and what do you/dont you like about them?
Do you trust physios?


  1. Oh man I HATE when shoes are the issue. It's such a waste of money. I don't have a lot of money to splurge on gear (which is why I'm always wearing the same clothes lol) but I'm currently trying to run in the Altra Intuition Zerodrops. I never gave them an HONEST try and yes, my feet hurt but that's because theyre getting stronger. I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong yesterday so I think things will only get better as I go. I hope yours work out for you so when you can run they will be perfect!!!

    1. I know right?! Luckily I can still use the Nike's for gym and cycling but I really dont have the money to be chucking about on shoes!

      Good luck with the Altras! Out of interest what was going wrong?

      My problem is stupid knee tear>less stability> overpronation worsened by the weakness in that knee and in my hip stability + shoes made for stable runners.

      SO hopefully many stability exercises + stretching + shoes to correct pronation = happy runner again!

  2. hahaa have fun! you're right, the colour is immense!

    1. They are PRETTY NEON!

      Thanks for commenting :)