BUCS 2013

BUCS was on 2nd February in Leeds University and about 40 team members headed down to compete. The road trip was classic hilarity, with many stops and some brilliant (/surprising!) musical choices provided by one of our male team. We arrived late in Leeds on the Friday and headed to bed ... after my room mate NeNe and I watched some Flintstones- had to take advantage of the free hotel TV! And iced our legs. Both were fearful of existing injuries.

In the morning we had a quiet, and apprehesive breakfast and hopped back on the buses to head to the Uni grounds. Because we are the coolest team around we rocked up to the registration area, in front of 1000 other British Uni runners, playing this gem at top volume:

Needless to say, our boys team was mortified.

And we were amused.

We watched the mens A race. Which had some ridiculous finishing times (winner in ... for _ miles... WHAT?!) and then got really nervous because the course was A.Mess. Mud for miles in every direction. Hundreds of top quality runners to show me us up and no traction underfoot. I had no spikes, I was worried about my knee holding up and I think I hardly spoke to anyone.
I don't know why I get so tense. Right now I have no expectation or right to have an expectation to do well, I'm massively undertrained. And to be quite honest no one cared when I finished. But I get so wound up about it. I hate being rubbish... why do I race again?!

The race started and it was harddddddddd. Muddy and slippy and constantly like charging through bog but at least it was open right? And flat? The bit we could see was field-like.

Ahahahha, no. We turned a corner into a downhill and suddenly the course was like hill reps. In mud. And with a water feature. That you just had to go right through.

By the end of lap 1 (of 2), running through the start line again, I was ready to quit. I was ready to say 'oh no, my knee hurts, I'm out' (which would have been a lie). However my teamate talked me into doing the next lap by jogging along with me and speaking quietly. He would make a good hostage negotiator come to think of it. HUGE thanks to him- he's a seriously good runner and he didn't need to give a loser like me that support after he'd just done the same thing, a lot faster and for further, but he did. So I started lap 2.

So much suckage. I kept seeing people ahead of me drop out, kept having to drop to a walk, fell twice. Then started walking more and more. Then my S.O. caught up with me. He started jogging beside me, making me keep running. And I was soooooo mad at him. I kept abusing the poor guy with things like, "stop STALKING me" and similar. Bad girlfriend for sure. I was just frustrated.

Eventually, my entire team stalking me and cheering and yelling and repeating my name got me over the finish and I hugged S.O. and apologised for being an unholy biatch and thanked them all. I was slow, but my knee was fine and I finished. Finished. So that's that. I was bottom 10 but then again I saw at least 5 people drop out and they weren't on the results so I'm claiming higher :P, ha ha. 50 minutes or so.

We then got back into clothes rapidly (we were FREEZING) and I kept apologizing to my S.O.
However the night out was crazy awesome, we all did what we went there to do, and he has forgiven me :D
See? Forgiven. Also my teammates think they are HILARIOUS.


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