Quiz: Do you have a bikini body?

In the spirit of my holiday in just two weeks I've made a quiz for everyone. Haven't you always wondered... Do You Have a Bikini Body? Take the quiz below:
From this excellent post on the subject: http://beyondthebathroomscale.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/a-bikini-body-is-body-in-bikini.html
Question 1: Do you have a human body?
Question 2: Do you like wearing bikinis?
If you answered 'yes' to both questions...
Congratulations!!! You have a bikini body! Now go wear that bikini and enjoy!
If you answered 'no' to question 1...
Oh dear, depending on your form (alien? robotic?) there still might be a bikini out there that suits you! Many are adjustable, and there is a style to suit all. For example, if your torso is rectangular and metallic, triangle bikinis are very flattering on flatter chests!
If you answered 'no' to question 2...
How come? If you just don't really like them then enjoy wearing the many other swimwear options that the modern world has created for us! Or go nude (local restrictions and decency laws may apply)! If, however, its because you have been conditioned to think that you shouldn't be in a bikini unless you look like the centrefold in the Victoria's Secret catalogue then think again. Bikini's are just swimwear. Its not some mystical club that you can't be in unless every dude in 2000 miles would like to see you naked.
Bottom line (pfft, pun totally intended), if you want to wear a bikini. Wear a freakin' bikini. I will be.


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