Running for Fun in Mugdock

Right now whilst I'm just establishing regular running again and working up mileage slowly I am not wearing a watch or really mapping distances either. I'm just running for fun, 3 times a week to rough distances of 2, 3 ,4 miles each.

In the spirit of fun running my friend and I went running around a local small country park. We ended up on and off running for about 1 hour 30 minutes with her dog and we just chose a direction at every fork we met. It was nice to run on some softer ground then we finished off with some sprints around the 'lake'.

Right Rumple, you just jump this here

Okay! Smaller one... This isn't hard dog!
Result... Sort of. At least we are ON a thing.
A dog ON a fence, now that's a trick
Back to non-understanding
Now I say lake with sarcastic punctuation because both she and I used to come (separately, we only met 3 years ago!) to this park with our parents and we both have memories of it being a LOT larger than it is. This 'lake' path is a good deal smaller than the average track... Maybe 300m tops? I remember it taking agggggggggges to walk around and look at all the ducks. We also took her dog over the kids play adventure park as an agility course and again I remember some of the obstacles being monstrously huge. Not so these days!


  1. Sounds a really fun run! I hope you guys had a go on the monkey bars too!!

    1. N did! I SUCK at monkey bars (helloooo no upper body strength) but she can do the set!

  2. Aw looks like you guys had a fun day :) x

    1. It was just the evening but yeah it was really good, its nice to just get out of the city :)