Training Weekend 2013

I'm not going to post too much about the training weekend as I try to limit my posts about other people, but the interesting highlights of the Training Weekend 2013 were...
  • Going to support at the West Districts

I didn't run but I went to cheer everyone on and take photos of everyone. Also got to wander about on an x-c course in my new Inov8's. So far, I like!

Love my running pals
  • Finding ourselves staying at a totally rural location with no lights

This was a high/low. Im scared of the dark so it wasnt ideal that my home for the weekend was 400m up a track into the woods. Some others were concerned about the composting toilets... Once we took to it, it was super cute- I shared a teepee (a teepee!) with 2 close friends and it had a little wood burning stove so was verrrryyyyyy cosy. However, it also had a hot tub and Finnish sauna, so that was cute :)

Scareeeeeee. Whats that light in the woods?!
  • Doing a 'chunder mile'

If you don't know what this is you should YouTube it... It was hilarious. I was pretty slow (11.37) but a) I was doing it with fizzy cider pints and b) the track we were using was hilly trail... I wore my booty shorts and wasnt even sick so I went from 0 to colossally wasted in 10.10 seconds... (That sentence seems to somehow imply that wearing booty shorts makes you drunker faster... probs true). 

The preparation- note the pints, me pulling down my shorts and the clothes being handed away to spectators

Ladies aftermath. Check my sprinters thighs...
  • The fancy dress party

I was a flying pig (I'm HILARIOUS)- we were in 3 categories: air, sea and land... and dinosaurs for the alumni folk who came, which I found deeply funny. 

Now unfortunately the lack of sleep (oh, okay, and lots of alcohol) has made me unwell so I can't train and I have a hard race in 2 weeks! Aahhhhhhhhhh. 

Oh and before I forget...
  • I can now do full press ups! 
My team has this ridiculous thing where if anyone says 'mine' at any point, they all shout 'WHOSE?!?!' and you have to do ten press ups. I sincerely have no idea why. Its institutionalized bullying but at least its exercise? Ha ha.



  1. A chunder mile huh? As long as cider was allowed, I'd fancy my chances there !!

    1. I did cider! MUCH tastier but actually the pros say a lot harder as it tends to be fizzy! My friend and I shook it up first to de-fizz it a bit... True tactics going on here!!!

      If we are ever at the same event, we'll get one going!

    2. Ha! Why do I think you'd be much better at the drinking part of it than me?!

      Definitely - though post race I reckon...

    3. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much practise over at this end...

      Nah, I kid, phd has made me draastically uncool and I never get to really socialise anymore. This weekend was a one off!

  2. lol nice post and well done on the press ups :)

    1. Thanks Paul! I was impressed at myself (my arms hurt the next day, mind)

  3. Oh my goodness!! This looks BRILLIANT!! Glad you had an awesome weekend!!

    1. Thank youuuuu! It was a nice relax but has been hell on the body!