Braids & SSS XC 2013

Braids Hill Race took place last Saturday in the Edinburgh Braids Hills. This is the first year I've done this race but the club does it every year. Tough route and a tough day for it too! It was exceptionally windy, and the wind was definitely against everyone- all the uphill stretches had strong winds facing the runners and the downhill section was sheltered so gained no help from the wind either! Additionally, the final push is back up the hill, open, straight into wind.

EXCELLENT angle to choose Mr Photographer. Double chins ahoy.

I really enjoyed the race, but I suspect I would enjoy it MORE if I knew the course in advance and could anticipate where I'd need to push it and where I could coast more. I was 166th/173 in a time of 29.14 for approximately 3 miles +. I was reasonably happy with this race: could definitely do better next year, but still.  Lovely course too, which would be much better without the battering winds.

Scottish Student Sport XC was this Saturday and it was a much worse race for me. Had nothing really in the tank, was totally unwilling to push it. Ran with my friend and came exactly last (although she and I clocked the same time of 39.47 for 6.8km). I tend to psyche out of races early on and that's exactly what I did.

Some of the girl's competing. Note some truly awesome legs and facepaint.

The uni overall did pretty fabulous though! We now have a female Scottish Uni champion, a women's team silver, and many accolades at chunder mile-ing... We were so worryingly good at that last part that a friendly lady from Aberdeen Uni actually asked if we train specifically for it... We don't- must be something in the air in Glasgow.

Despite general race failure, I did have pretty ace face paint and hair (french plaited courtesy of our lovely social convenor):

We were verrrry tired after getting up at 540am ish to get to Aberdeen!

Some other random notes: I forgot my Garmin for BOTH races. In SSS XC I have so much make up on (not including facepaint) cause' everyone else but me fell asleep on the bus so I just started mucking about with it. Loved my Inov8 212s, particularly at Braids and will review them soon.

I still enjoyed racing both but its very clear I need both more fitness and to really improve my race mentality. 


  1. Love the pics and well done on both your races! They both sounded really tough!!

    1. Thank you! Yeah Braids was fun but tough, SSS just sucked but it was my fault more than any! I need to get out of my own head and let myself be in pain!

      Now for some winter training ;-)