Training Update

So, an update on how its all going! As you can see I shifted a couple of runs about/killed a few as I don't want to put myself directly on the pain train to injury town (that sounds like a terrible holiday destination for sure). I've been good about the runs but BAD about the strength training and I really need to get a handle on that. However my abs at least are not neglected with COREvember in play (see previous post for deets).

I don't have much more to add. Sunday was my nicest run with a great friend in the cold autumnal air. Its definitely getting freezing now- frost on the ground- and Im regretting my decision to bring speed shorts for today's sprints. A little current niggle in lower leg that I'm keeping an eye on, and which is worse at my desk. Interchanging my Mizunos for my more padded Adistars for a few runs helped though.


What's new with you guys?
Shout at me about strength!


  1. I've been doing boxing circuits - ouch ouch ouch! Gets my CALVES every time! Not sure why there but is a brill workout!

    1. Yeah the uni used to run boxing classes which were ACE. I love them and there's nothing like them for you shoulders either!