Christmas Eve Run & Merry Christmas

This afternoon I threw on my running shoes and threw myself out for a running adventure... and an adventure it was. Running on the trails and in fields near my parents' house, I slogged through the ankle high porridge-thick mud, the newly formed rivers (its been driving rain all day) down the path centre and sudden looming knolls. This trail took me on a arc behind the woods and back onto concrete, when I emerged- super muddy- onto the village main street. I then dodged into my old primary school, running down through the playground and surprising a group of lads playing football (sample quote, "Is that MUD?!"). Pushed my lungs up the stairs at the other end of the playground into the culdesac where my primary school friends lived, which technically isn't a culdesac (cul-de-sac means the end of the bag, e.g. that something is completely dead ended or closed in) at all as it has a footpath onto another road. After a touch more road running, I sped past the creepy houses in our closest lane (one of the residents was very strange to me once, and the lane is very dark) into the adjacent fields which led me in a loop back onto the very first muddy trail, this time charging up it from the other side and back to my parents.

I turned up at my parents door pretty muddy, having utterly abused my Mizunos. Oh well. They'll clean:

It was a wonderful pre-Christmas run; playful and for fun only with no training plans and no timing constraints. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and I hope you find much joy in running, or anything else you love, in 2014.