New Years Celebrations & A New Design

This year for New Years, I had the opportunity to do something completely different. I was so bored of waking up with a hangover after an expensive night out. Bored of only being able to see a few of my friends because everyone was under their own pressures and expectations about who they should spend NYE with. I can count the amazing New Years I've had on one hand. Its no fault with the people I spent them with, its the fault of the huge hype about one arbitrary date. This year I was going to ask my parents if I could come hang with them and their fire and their dog. 

However, a couple of friends were walking the West Highland Way (a 96 mile stretch of trails from Milngavie - central Scotland- into the Highlands). Another friend from the same group suggested joining them for one night, booking a mini lodge and having an active New Year. I said ABSOLUTELY.

Our original plan was to drive to our accomodation, then backtrack to join them en route and hike part of the trail on the 31st, then do another section of the trail with them before leaving on the 1st. You know what they say about the best laid plans... Long story short one of them had obtained a nasty blister and was not capable of continuing. So instead we picked them up at Rowardennan and played around with the Slackline:

Me, saving her life from the slackline of doom
Then stayed overnight at the lodge in Inverarnan in the cutest little camping cabins. We played Scrabble (I won!), Monopoly (I was the loser!) and cards and chatted and ate to our hearts content. Then the next day we hiked part of Beinn Chabhair (a Munro- 6 hours odd climb so we didn't have time for it all!) for a few hours past the beautiful Beinn Ghlas falls. We managed to avoid the rain brilliantly and it was gorgeous, true Scottish scenery- if a bit muddy!
Beautiful area
More pictures and NYD details below the jump!

Everyone up a Monroe
Everyone again

Beinn Ghlas waterfall section

Resting on the way down- the boys had actually slipped over and were pretending to sit...
Other pics from my Instagram
 The early start on New Year's Day and shorter hike also meant I made it to my aunt's for NYD dinner, which is a tradition for me, so I was very glad for that.

Here's some bonus pictures of her cute pup:
Mac the handsome chap on NYD
Our border collie was there but hes a grumpy and antisocial old man and wasn't keen for a picture! 

Additionally, just a quick note to say that my blog's snazzy new look is courtesy of Not Before My Tea designs. Nicole kindly offered her skills to build up her portfolio and was a total delight to work with throughout the design process! You can find her design website here but this website isn't yet complete. 


What did you do for New Years?

Do you like the new design?


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