Survival of the Fittest

All photos in this post are taken from the GUSA facebook page*

Should be re-titled 'Survival of the Persistent'. Yes, it was tough but, no, it wasn't as tough as I was expecting. Basically the 2 hour exercise extravaganza melded Meta-Box; Supercircuits; Kettlebells and Bulgarian Bag plyometric training. The hall had been decked out in excellent army style, the always-enthusiastic trainers had been converted into army-fatigued generals, we were made up in camo facepaint and there was a promising amount of boxing paraphenelia (I love punch-based workouts).

This lady was awesome, plus spot my Nike leggings behind her!
Composite of some of the equipment types
For the 2 hr session, there was a warm up; then the Meta-Box circuit (station 1 punching with pads, 2 knees/kicks to pads, 3 kicks to hanging bags, 4 skipping, circling onto a new one per minute and a half); a HIIT strength circuit (lots of repeat strength exercises, a million press up variations, burpee hell); a Bulgarian Bags/Kettlebells class (half the class does each for half the allotted time); then there were sprint circuits that included crawls; and finally yoga.

My favourite by far was the first circuit but all the sections were great fun. The only one I didn't enjoy was the yoga, but I am typically a failure at the yogi attitude! The instructor was super perky though- I did have a few... uncharitable thoughts about how he hadn't had to work the previous 2 hrs! I thought it was important to still attend though, as after that high intensity class I had to stretch.

My form is going in this one- bendy knees and bum is a bit high!

Jump squat city!
 I started off proud of my newly acquired 5-push-ups skillzzz, I graduated onto my knees... I finished unable to hold myself up in the yoga class. Individual things weren't too hard but it was relentless, with less breaks than classes typically have. Our camo make up was a mess by the end (one of my fellow runners sweated his off by stage 1!), which made the walk home interesting and I got quite some stares, particularly in Tescos...


Have you ever done army-style training? We see people doing it in our local park all the time and it looks fun but tough!

* Photographer wasn't credited otherwise I would have stated this too!


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