Conic Hill Fun Running + GUSA Ball 2014

I had forgotten how bitchin' hard Conic Hill is- goddang hill, you steep. The weather was atrocious, with loads of slamming wind on the way up (the sharper uphill path is more exposed and sadly the wind direction was downhill so it was a struggle) and driving rain hurting our faces. However, we had friends and we had fell shoes and we had dogs. Dogs are important. We did however also have a little shame as N at some point told us we were too slow as the 'dogs are getting cold' (shes a spectacular hill runner so was miles ahead on the uphill and was looping back to see us regularly, later in the run my S.O. was keeping up though).

The top of a hill is always worth it in the end. It was excellent fun pausing for a cheeky selfie at the top then ramming it down the other side. For a start hikers/walkers think you're mental. They look at you like you may be a danger to them and their family, like some sort of erratically moving falling boulder, and gawp at your lack of clothing in the brutal weather. It also just feels so worth it to be flying downhill. Excellent fun. Then at the bottom we got hot chocolate and cakes, lots of cakes. The car journey home was brightened by smelly but snuggly hounds.

K + Rumple, Rumple + N + Piggy*

Alert Rumple, note Piggy* hiding in N's armpit
 GUSA Ball was a laugh as ever- good company, mediocre food, enthusiastic drinking, hilarity ensues.

K and I selfie-central
All the girls- there were 29 of us total! Big club is now big. I'm 5th from left. 


Are you a fan of hill running? 
Does your university have a sports ball?

* Real name Squiggle. But shes round and snorty so Piggy seems apt. 
More pictures will likely be added to this post as my friends apply them to facebook etc! The conic hill set is from K's mobile, the bottom photo is another friend's


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