On Doing the Work

Running, lately our relationship is fading. I've traded you in for the all out thrilling, heart racing sweat-fest of exercise classes. Yeah, sure, we spent some time together in park fitness class dreaming of mountains, but I wasn't really in it. I just feel like all our time together recently is disappointing. Primarily because right now we just aren't flowing. And because I'm unfit.

Then I read this post by Liz Goodchild: Either do the work. Or shut up talking about it. Go read it. Now.

I want to be a better runner. I want to lose weight. I want to complete my PhD. There are only a few ways to do these things. And I either shut up about them, or I put in the work. I don't want to shut up about them, so I will do that work.

I'll keep up the exercise classes but I need to rededicate myself to the things I'm claiming that I want. If I do do the work then I will be a good runner, I will be slimmer, I will be a doctor.

Seems sort of worth it, doesn't it?


  1. Yay! You can do it! Running & PhD-ing can be tough, but when you get the balance right, running makes the PhD stress melt away. Or, you know, less bad ;)

    1. Thanks for the back up! I can do it, its just stressful and tough, but in the words of Scrubs' Dr Kelso 'Nothing in this world worth having comes easy'.

      Thanks for the comment!