Sunday Summary w/b 25/08/14

At any time, you can see what I have planned for the week above on the diary tab, but I'm also aiming to summarise on Sundays. This week I did the following:

Monday: Kettlebells, went up a weight and really felt the effects on Tuesday. Nice that I could go up, and really shows the need to do lots of variation in workouts- boxing for example hasn't recently been really taxing. However just one session of Kettlebells, which I haven't done in a while, and my arms are dying!
Tuesday: Ran 3 and a bit miles. Recovery, very slow and some walk breaks as my body was done after Kettlebells. I knew my arms were dead, but as soon as I started, I realised my legs were too! At least I fitted it in.
Wednesday: Meta Box was fun and had some pretty hardcore arm work in it- a ton of hard boxing against a mighty dude (genuinely suspect his hook could have my head off if he miss-aimed) and a lot of push up and planking work.
Thursday: Did park fitness. Knackering. Roughly 2 miles of hard running. Did not do another run. Failllllllllll. I was toast.
Friday: Went climbing. Twas okay. Feel like I will maybe need two sessions a week to see any real improvement though!
Saturday: rest day.
Sunday: unplanned rest. Knackered. Demotivated. Burnt out from other things too. Means only one actual run this week. Tragic.

I'm hoping Canada can bring back some of my running love- I'm just not there at the moment at all. Any tips for properly getting back into it? For demotivation?


What did you do this week? (exercise or life chat wise)


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