Race Planning for 2014/2015

On Sunday I did the Great Scottish Run 10K. I intend to post properly about it ASAP but it wen't pretty much as well as I expected and I was pretty slow, though not as slow as at the women's run I did in May.

So, I have had a controversial thought... Maybe if i want to perform well at races, I could prepare specifically for those actual races?!


So, without further ado, here's a list of races I actually plan to do well (for me) at:

The Race: Braids Hill Race, 15 November 2014, 3 miles-ish.
The Plan: Panic, hadn't realised this was actually this soon, pray to running gods. Nah, just kidding. I have 5 weeks. I prescribe 5 weeks worth of consistency, one hill session a week and healthy eating. Its the best I can do. It's more x-c than hills overall.

The Race: Glasgow Uni 5 Mile Road Race, 29 November 2014, 5 miles.
The Plan: Off of Braids semi-fitness (hopefully), run slightly longer to build up endurance. Run some more flat speedwork in two weeks lead up. Again, don't expect to be super fit but do the best I can.

The RaceBritish Universities Cross Country, 31 January 2015, 3 miles-ish.
The Plan: As long as I can keep up the running over Christmas, I expect to be in good shape here. I would be aiming to do more cross country and hill training over Dec and January, and hopefully bad weather won't interfere too much.

The Race: Grangemouth 10k (Scottish Student 10K Champs too), Easter weekend (or the one after that), April 2015, 6.2 miles.
The Plan: A couple of months general build up from previous two races, and an extra month of consistency, then start a already-planned 12-week build-up from January. I plan to be in pretty great shape for this race and hopefully return my 10K times to what they once were in mid to low 50s. I've always done badly at Grangemouth. We have unfinished business. From there I shoot for a later race for a sub 50. I haven't decided which yet but I welcome any ideas. I run best at scenic, slightly hilly (rolling ideally), quieter races.

The Race: Dumyat Hill Race, 7 May 2015, 4 miles-ish.
The Plan: After Grangemouth, keep up the fitness and longer running, and add in some more hill work to the table. Ideally work on actual hills, but will settle for hill reps.

Any others of interest around? I don't plan on going any longer than 10K in goal races because I just simply don't have the time right now. As a result my training is planned in my work diary up until April. We will see if I'll stick to it mind!


  1. Oooh! Some fab races lined up!! How about adding Bacchus Marathon into the mix for Septemer next year! It's the wine drinking one!!

    1. Would do Sarah but I reckon the last year of the PhD isn't a wise time to do a marathon. You never know though, I might get well into the longer runs after April ;-) ... as a procrastination method! x