Fueling My Body, an Update

Seriously, I have got to sort my eating. I have totally fallen off-wagon on that one. The exercise side of things is going really well- totally loving it. However, the local pizza place has been getting far too many calls, and I've been thinking Ooh just a wee bar of chocolate on the regular. This cheese and chocolate fiesta has also meant that my aspirations to eat more vegan/vegetarian have gone to pot. And not the fun kind either.

All this means that despite the exercise and outdoorsy life: my skin is tragic, I feel sluggish, and my veins are swimming in saturated fats (maybe, I'm not too clear on their effect pathway if I'm honest...). I am really tired all the time. Additionally I'm confounding any of my fitness progress with bulk and unhealthy fueling. Gee whiz. Food is fuel and I'm attempting to fuel with cheese oil and chocolate sauce.

I badly need a kick up the arse. If you can't decide to dedicate your diet to your health at 25 freakin' years old, when are you ever going to do it? I don't want to be a diabetes candidate by 30. I don't want to get slower and slower through sheer mass. I want to learn to eat at an equilibrium, to let my body settle at a weight where it ideally should be. I want to learn not to even have to think about it on the day to day, for healthy to be my habit. Food is fuel but its also life, its tasty and fun and interesting. I just don't want tasty to overrule and health consideration.

So let's do it. 

Erm... How? Nah I know how. For someone with no health issues, its not exactly hard. Calories in versus calories out, with an eye to the content of those calories. I think I need a couple of strict months to be honest. I find it hard at the moment to do moderation of unhealthy things or to eat unhealthy things 'intuitively' so the answer is no unhealthy things. So for the rest of November, I will be eating as many whole foods and veggies as possible, and eating vegetarian before dinner. In December, I will be eating vegan before dinner and as many whole foods/veggies as possible. The Christmas days obviously not included, cause' life is too short for that shit.

So from today; here's what I ate:


2 eggs, scrambled


Bulgar wheat, hoummos, feta, veggies and tomato salad; pretty colourful and tasty


Smoked haddock w sweet potato/parsnip/normal potato/red onion/peas mash


Any breakfast ideas? I struggle with eating breakfasts quickly in the morning.

Do you struggle with diet?


  1. I thought these looked nice for brekkie: http://ohsheglows.com/2014/11/17/5-minute-oatmeal-power-bowl/

    Though I would microwave it in tupperware, which would probably be the BIGGEST sacrilidge in the world to her...

    1. Hahahahahahaa yes Bibi, where is your eco wooden cookware hand crafted by monks?!

      But yeap, that looks darned tasty, thank you :)

  2. I find once I go off the rails it's so difficult to climb back on again- like my body gets used to chocolate digestives and demands them at regular intervals... Porridge is usually a winner for breakfast for me, rotating with eggs or Greek yoghurt & peanut butter/seeds etc. I struggle with lunch most!

    1. Ohhh chocolate digestives, how dare you remind me! Haha; yes I was thinking Greek yoghurt too. Thanks for the suggestions!

      I find lunches the easiest: you can prep for them well- make 2 grains on a sunday; buy and chop salad veggies; buy some fish or cheeses or something then mix them so you have different salads on diff days. I also like sandwiches and soup!

  3. I'm totally the same, especially at night when I just want to eat toast and snacks instead of actual dinner! Your lunch looks yummy, maybe I'll need to learn some new recipes :)

    1. After dinner is my issue- all pringles and hob nobs lying around!

  4. When I first transitioned to a vegan diet, I ate vegan during the day and omni at night. Eventually, I didn't really want the meat at night anymore and was having too much fun trying ALL the new foods! Honestly if I can do it anyone can. I used to pound saturated fats like they were their own food group.

    1. Thanks for your comment Julie! Do you have a blog? I'd be interested to read about this!