Sunday Summary W/B 05/01/15

This past week went down like this:

On Monday I went to Kettlebells. It was SO HARD. I forget how hard it is when I take a few weeks off. Before Christmas I was on 14kgs, on Monday I found 12kgs hard... Straight afterwards I did a '200 abs' workout including: reverse crunches x 20; plank x 60s; side plank x 40s/side; heel touches x 20/side; twisting deadlift x 20/side;  v sits x 20; wipers x 20. Ouch

On Tuesday my entire upper body was KILLING ME. Not surprised. I decided to get back into post-Christmas running in a fun way so... Officially I did 2mi of Fartlets. IRL I did 2mi of mucking about with pace and hills to see what happened to my heart rate on my new HR monitor!

On Wednesday I was meant to go to meta box but managed to forgot all the things; so instead I worked late then when I got home I did Carly Rowena 1 Song Thigh and Butt Workout; Blogilates 6 Mins to Sexy Arms ; and Blogilates 6 Mins Abs. The two Blogilates workouts burned like nothing on earth. My SO was laughing at some of the movements but he wouldn't have been if he had to do it!

Thursday I did another 2 mi run messing about. To be honest I just didn't feel like running properly this week. Call it laziness, call it whatever. At least I got out and about.

On Friday I used the wonders of Youtube again to do some Yoga and stretches. I didn't want to do anything harsh given the race on Saturday. I'm a total slacker.

Saturday was the Great Winter Run in Edinburgh, which you will be getting a post about on Tuesday. I wont say much more than to say it was a lovely little day out!

On Sunday post race we went bouldering* and I did a ton of planking- 60s full plank; 40s each side plank; and repeat. I was shaking a LOT by the end.

This week I was reasonably happy. Planning on getting back to proper running next week and be more consistent and not allow laziness to derail me!

To finish up, a tiny wee blog announcement. Announcement sounds too impressive... Blog notification? Anyway, I'm planning on making a bit more blogging effort this year and posting more regularly (whilst keeping actual content, not picture-based filler or anything). As a result you can expect posts on this blog on Tuesdays and Fridays, in addition to the Sunday Summary on... well... Sundays. All will be published at 9am. They may hit Twitter slightly later depending on how fast the RSS feeds are keeping up!

This also means if you aren't interested in my mediocre training, you can avoid Sundays, or if you aren't interested in anything else you can look only at Sundays!


What was your training like this week?

* Okay, okay, WE WERE MEANT TO. It was bucketing it down and we lost our nerve and couldn't be bothered with the walk. Lazy days.


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