Sunday Summary W/B 12/01/15

This was a hard week of workouts. As a result I feel an odd mix of invigorated, because they went well, and completely knackered, because they still happened!

On Monday Kettlebells felt difficult still using the 10/12kgs. Hopefully in the coming week I will be back up to the 12/14kgs mix! My heart rate seemed to jump up very fast in this class, including during windmills and slower movements. I did 5 min skipping afterwards to test out new ropes. Pretty decent given they cost 79p...

Tuesday I ran to the SB Pilates class that I posted about. I was meant to run a loop to get 3 miles in but work seeped into this time. Classic! So the run was approx 1.5 ish miles. Sluggish Garmin only recorded 1.2. The class was great, you can read fully about it here.

Wednesday i actually woke up for Wake Up Workout. This surprised as I had ruled myself too tired the night before and deliberately did not set an alarm to do so. However i woke exactly 10 mins before the alarm would have been so i took that as my body telling me to go. This class is HIIT, which felt near impossible. From Pilates i had sore abs and lazy limbs. At night i then went a 5 mile run. It was chucking it down outside, and my running partner and I were highly reticent... It turned out to be an amazing, sensational run; reminding me of exactly why I love running.

Thursday I took full rest, I meant to do a 200/100 workout but never did. I suspect the hard Wednesday knocked me out and I also worked late. 

On Friday it was time for lunch hill sprints. I was proud of myself for doing these as my running buddy dropped out. 10x50s hill sprint with 2min jog back. Average pace on the sprints was 7:30-8:00. I started in the sun and ended in snow! Changeable weather in these parts!

Saturday was a rest day due to some business. We had to put our poor family dog down after he turned out to be very ill. This was a hard day but it was the right decision for him. Sam you were a handsome and good boy. I hope there are lots of footballs; roast beef; christmas paper; and sunny spots to snooze in wherever you are. At night I did do Carly Rowena's yoga video and a 200 workout (40 butterfly crunches; 60s plank; 40s side plank; 20 v sit ups; 20 roll ups; 20 back raises = 200 abs).

Lastly on Sunday I only had planned to do 3 miles, but today I will be doing 5 with friends then my SO and I are going climbing. Hopefully it'll be fun- its his first time!

What was your training like this week?

To clarify the book notes if you care: The number 1:5 reflects perceived effort where 1 is easiest; the A or B refers to which shoes I ran in; the face shows how I felt about the workout. So its possible for a workout to be very hard but also very awesome, or easy but crappy. 


  1. Cor blimey you have been busy! what's the 200/100 workout?

    1. Haha thanks Stephanie. It's a quick and dirty strength- 100 reps arms, 200 reps core, any exercise. For hold exercises eg plank, seconds=reps



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