Sunday Summary W/b 19/01/15

Okay. Here's the deal. I got's really nothing to say about this week.

On Monday I did Kettlebells. I went back up to 12/14kgs.
On Tuesday I ran 3 miles with sprints at an 8:36 average on my favourite bridges run.
On Wednesday I went to meta box and...
On Thursday I ran 5 miles, 4 miles at a HR zone, and it was the most frustrating thing on earth (more about this later).
Friday and Saturday I was out of town, then working, so did very little exercise unless you count clearing out a house. I do, I was knackered.

Today (Sunday) Kat and I are off to knock out 8 miles as a long run. So if there are any nice photos/details from that I will add them here!


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