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I popped to Sweaty Betty this week to try the first Fly Flex Flow class. This is their new year Get Fit 4 Free class. Sweaty Betty run several classes a week, at almost every store location, which I think is pretty sweet given it costs attendees nothing at all. This was at my local store in Glasgow.

Fly Flex Flow is described as a three-part workout that combines running (Fly!), conditioning (Flex!), and yoga (Flow! - See what they did there?). It was co-designed by a running coach, Annie Foulds, and a yogi, Jo Arthur.

I turned up feeling confident about the Flying and Flexing, but much less so about the Flowing. I do not have much natural FLOW y'see. Grace is not my strong point (as two failed attempts at Ballet will attest to- one as a child where my mother was politely encouraged not to bring me back, and one as an adult where I quietly failed to make any progress over 3 months). I had also had a very stressful day at work, so really wasn't feeling the FLOW either. I had literally bolted from work like a bat out of hell, already at a run exiting the main door.

I ran down to the studios in the centre of town, which is a couple of miles from my workplace. We got to know the instructor- Pamela-, the other attendees, and the staff for a few minutes. Pamela is actually mainly a yogi, but is currently training for her first Ironman. Then we were off! We started with a 5 minute jog up to the small field behind Strathclyde Union. Up is the operative word- any Glasgow native knows its a monster of a hill!

Once there, our super-smiley instructor had us do 1 min skipping then 3 minutes jog down/sprint back repetitions. Then you get 10s rest. The next set is 1.30 min skipping/2 min jog & sprints, then 2 min skipping/1 min jog & sprints. By the second set I felt completely sick! 

Then its a jog back (thankfully downhill) to the store, where you get onto the weights section. I assumed the weights wouldn't be so bad as they were 1.5kg only. However with a set of combination moves and slow Pilate's-style execution, they turned out to be tough indeed! This was roughly spilt into arms, legs, and abs sections. It had a lot of squat style moves too, which I always appreciate.

Finally we flowed. And actually now that I had sprinted out my stress, and bathed in endorphins, I was ready to flow. The instructor took us through a quiet set of common moves; stretching arms, and legs, and backs out using downward dogs, cats, cows*, and warriors. Finally we went into savasana. I almost fell asleep, and definitely entered the blissed-out stage when our eyes were covered with a lavender-scented towel and we were given a short complimentary head massage. Brave lady to massage such sweaty hair!

Overall it was a fantastic class. The instructor was encouraging and spirited (constantly chiming in with 'great posture!'; 'fantastic sprints ladies'; and 'keep the weight back in the heels'), and it was a nice mix of exercises. I also felt personally good, as I felt like my recent running dedication showed. I don't mean, 'hurrrr I'm so awesomer than everyone', I mean, 'I feel more run-fit than I was before'. It gave me a little confidence in myself.

I know there have been several Sweaty Betty posts on the blog in a short-ish period of time. I want to clarify that neither of these posts were sponsored or requested by the company, and the only freebies I was given were included in the ticket price and available to all participants, not just bloggers (at the Pilates class). Both events could be attended by anyone. I have really enjoyed all of my interactions with the company. I've found the staff to be really friendly (PS: Check out store manager Robyn's blog here). I don't work for them, I'm just happy to write about these events because 1) I enjoyed myself 2) these free fitness opportunities are open to anyone so I'm happy to spread awareness and 3) they are a company I believe is good both in clothing design and encouraging an active lifestyle.

FlyFlexFlow runs at Sweaty Betty stores on Tuesdays until mid-February. Check out your local store and sign up for classes online. You don't have to have gone to the first one to keep going. I can't make the coming week's class, but I will be back! They also have an online video version, so you can do it even if you can't make it to an SB store. For this, the cardio is suited to indoors so don't worry if you have nowhere to sprint!


Have you been to a FlyFlexFlow event? 


  1. These classes sound great, I'd love to give one a try! A great combo of complimentary exercises. My local store is Wimbledon in SW London though, and they get booked up sooo quickly! Might try my luck in the next couple of weeks :)

    1. Pro tip: they open the week before at 9am- so if this is on a Tuesday night, it will be open to book the previous Wednesday morning at 9am; get on it!

      Sorry to hear they are so hard to get into though!

  2. This sounds wicked I'm gonna try and get to one near me, but as Beki said, they book up really fast!

    1. It was really good! Though, to be completely honest I didn't get much DOMS at all from it. Potentially because it's similar to exercise stuff I do frequently.

  3. These sound FAB!! Wish there were some near me but there isn't even a running shop near me. But we DO have lots of pubs so it's not all bad.

    1. Do you not have any at all? Poor Sarah! You need to get some snazzy new kit options in your area ;-)



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