Dumgloyne Hill

On Monday morning N and I set off on an adventure. We are both busy people, with insane lives. And we missed each other. So we did what only maniacs will do- we made a plan to go run up a hill before our respective works started on Monday morning. You should see the texts- they contain a lot of exclamation marks, kisses, and general excitement. We chose Dumgoyne- close to Glasgow, short, sharp and sweet. 


Shows you the gradient of this hill!
Honestly, the up loop of Dumgoyne was a hike, not a run. We wanted a chat, it was first thing on a Monday, and we were un-bothered about timing. Additionally, my girl N was meant to be saving her legs for a cycling training camp abroad... we'll see about that. Shes mega-fit though so I doubt it was an issue. 

We got to the top, larked about on the trig point, then swooped downhill, laughing. 

Like a swan.

Titanic theme tune moment

Sorry for extreme blurryness; phone was not enjoying the fog
There's not really much more to add. I don't have any stats or a training plan or anything. I didn't take a watch up.  I'll let the green mossy hills speak for me. It sounds strange to say, but I feel that this kind of exposure to the wilds almost insures me against the working week. 

All I know is this- I went to bed on Sunday night feeling stressed to the eyeballs about the coming week, and I got to my desk on Monday morning calm and happy, with secretly muddy legs. The magical combination of hills and friends!

Edit: Coincidentally, today is actually International Day of Happiness. Do things that make you happy. This made me happy. 


Do you find nature protective against stress?


  1. Wow- lucky you to live in such a naturally gorgeous location! Great pictures.

    That hill looks...intense.

    1. Thanks RightFits! We went straight up the front, shes much less intense if you go along the longer ridge. Both options are beautiful :)

  2. Love this! Especially the secretly muddy legs!! Sounds like my lunchtime runs! :) Fabulous hill to have close by!!

    1. 100% yes! Hiding the mud splattered thighs under work jeans :)