Sweaty Betty Summer 15' Collection

The new Sweaty Betty collection is out in stores and I am kind of majorly obsessed with it. I love a pattern and it is pattern-rammed. I make no apologies.

If you listen carefully you can hear the angel chorus in my mind.

Photo failed to catch that the lowest edge is lemon yellow, not white.

Sweaty Betty very kindly sent me a sample piece from the new summer collection- the Gait Run Shorts+. I had been lusting over these shorts for months; ever since I saw the SS15 promo video. I just think they are such a beautiful print- they remind me of summer hills running onto the beach (sounds strange, but not uncommon in Scotland). One negative- they're missing the famed SB massive back pocket and only have a Nike-style key pocket. Sad times! I was worried that the shorts may rub- they are neat to the leg and obviously fairly short, but they haven't yet. I think the soft material saves them. They aren't great for squats mind, as they do fold up at the front when you squat down. 

Still getting the confidence up to try the beets one!

I was also invited to the collection launch event last Wednesday night. The degree to which I was longing over the promo email worried me- I thought I might lack self control on the night! First thing in the door we were given the choice of a Juice Warrior. As I hadn't had dinner, I set on a green one to fill up on veggies not fruits- the Broc On! with brocolli, kale, and other green ingredients. We were then let loose on the new gear. It all feels amazing. If you see fingerprints on the things in store, it definitely wasn't me

Nice skirt, but plain...

SURPRISE! Dragonfly print.

Getting the shorts sent to me meant I was free to flash the cash on other items. I ended up picking up the Swift Run skirt. At first when I passed it my thoughts were distinctly, "meh". Nice design clearly, but a bit of a boring colour amidst the bright array of dragonfly, summer field, and butterfly prints. However, Caroline from the store pointed out that it had a secret, "Party in the pants" (her words). The undershorts are near-identical to the Race Line short in dragonfly print - purple, electric blue, and peach patterned. 

The summer stuff does seem a little smaller made- the shorts still fit fine in the medium; but definitely feel neat. The skirt I ended up sizing up in to be totally comfy, which did make me a little depressed for a second in the changing rooms. I would also have needed a size up in the Race Line Short, which I did try on but thought was too much for me. However, I just reminded myself that I haven't changed size, its a lovely skirt, and it doesn't really matter what the label says as long as I am healthy. So THERE, negative brain.

Halasana 3/4 Yoga Legging- SO soft.

The Relay Run Vest on the right.

Many other pieces in the collection caught my eye- a pair of butterfly print Halasana 3/4 Yoga leggings in the softest cotton, and all the triathlon kit with its matching cycling jersey and padded shorts with the vibrant meadow print (the same print that is on my slider tights below the knee). I also loved pretty much everything in the same print as my shorts, especially the Relay running vest, but I reasoned with myself that I wouldn't wear everything in the same print (or would I? Wouldn't put it past me), so I really should stick with just one piece like that!

The whole new summer collection can be purchased online here or in any Sweaty Betty store. 


Have you seen the new collection online? Anything you're after?

Do you like bright/highly patterned things? I've heard some people say they aren't a pattern fan but I'm obsessed.

+ As stated, this cross marks a piece that Sweaty Betty sent me. They did not request posting or anything in exchange for the piece, but I wanted to write about the new stuff.

The other item mentioned in this post- the skirt- I purchased myself at full price. The collection preview was an invite-only event and I was invited in my capacity as a blogger, but these items are now available for anyone to purchase. Additionally, attendees did not receive any special discount.


  1. I have the same shorts and I love them! I work in SB Edinburgh and although it's still too cold for me in shorts I don't think I'll ever take them off!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Tess! Yeah I've been wearing them on some runs even though its baltic- they're just reallllllllllllly pretty.

  2. Big fan of Sweaty Betty, though it's only online shopping for me since there isn't a store near Minneapolis....

    Love those shorts- I might have to order a pair! Did you say you sized up from a medium to a large? I will probably do the same.

    1. I sized up in the skirt but not the shorts. I do think a size up in the shorts would have fit well too though!

      Thanks for commenting :-)

  3. Much as I want to get on the SB bandwagon, I am still struggling to get on board. The collections are beautiful and I can't deny the attractiveness of the patterns, but 'pretty' workout wear is just not for me. I really want to like it, but it's just not the kind of stuff I like to wear!
    Form and function over fashion any day of the week will keep me happy.

    1. That's totally cool - different strokes for different lasses :)

      I'm quite fashion-y in general and given I end up wearing sports gear all the time, it is something I do care about. Other people don't, and that's no issue at all.

      Do you prefer stuff that looks techy as well as performs tech-y?

    2. My first reaction to that question is: I've been in the cybergoth and industrial scene since I was 18 so techy fashion is my bread and butter! But I don't think you're talking about circuitboard print miniskirts...
      I keep everything pretty low key - most of my stuff is black, grey or purple and comes cheap via sportsshoes.com/wiggle/sports direct. As long as it FITS I don't care - as a tall person this can rule out quite a lot of stuff.

    3. Ah I see! I actually would totally wear a circuit print running skirt!

      Nice! I like sportshoes, find with sports direct the quality can vary a ton.

      How tall are you?

  4. I do not know how you can run in itty bitty shorts. I have tried but failed painfully each time - major thigh rub & double wedgie :|

    1. Aww man! I got to watch out for the chub rub in summer sweatiness (my nike shorts require vaseline protection); but I don't get wedgie issues. Have you tried the tight shorts that are close to the leg?

  5. Man, I love SB stuff... so pretty! I also find I go up a size in their summer things. I bought a pair of shorts a couple of summers ago in my regular size, went for one run in them, and found myself flashing my bum to all of Heidelberg... so they've been retired to lounging around the house shorts (as I was too lazy to figure out how to do European returns). They serve that function perfectly though :)

    1. You must look pretty snazzy lounging!

  6. I love those shorts so much & I realllllly want the capri's also!
    Oh who I am kidding? I want everything....right now, thank you please.
    Thank you for being one of the rare bloggers who is honest about being sent those fab S.B Shorts, you sure deserve them and it really niggles me when people aren't honest. x
    p.s - Helpful comment about sizing, will keep that in mind...am v much of the opinion if it fit's I'll rock it regardless but returning stuff is so annoying at times.

    1. Thanks Katie, I really appreciate that comment- I'm a HUGE disclosure fan. So if you ever don't see me mention a gifting explicitly, I bought it! I don't understand why some others are so reluctant to say 'look how lucky I am!'.

      The capris are exceedingly nice to the touch. I sorted my sportswear drawer last night, and have put myself on a purchase embargo. But still... I keep looking at them!

      Thanks for commenting :) x