Glasgow Vegan People's Kitchen

This month I headed over to the Vegan People's Kitchen - its a new, not-for-profit, community event in Glasgow.

The basic aims is to share vegan food with the city. The idea is that the food will be cheap, the ability to eat there highly inclusive, the food ethical (source- both in farming and non-animal products) and healthy. It also has a lovely anti-capitalist twist- there is no attempt to make money, only an attempt to share food and socialise around food, to help one another out. Furthermore, they are trying to advertise to those in need (for example asylum seekers).

The event is held at the Project Cafe; near Glasgow Art School and the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFC). Its a cute place, with a vaulted ceiling. The Project Cafe is an ongoing social venture that aims to nourish the public with ethical food while providing a platform for the creative arts. They sell all vegetarian (sometimes all vegan)food, and have numerous events on all summer- music, art, and other community ventures. 

I ate... potato wedges, a burrito, carrot cake. It was super tasty too- potato wedges in a kind of yellow pepper, apple and spice salsa; a veggie burrito (hard to get wrong!); and then a brilliantly moist carrot cake. The wedges and burrito tasted great, but the star was the carrot cake- it was better than many, many non-vegan carrot cakes I have had. We left stuffed full, so definitely weren't deprived by eating a vegan dinner.

Was it expensive? The cost for a meal was a mere £3.50. We also had some teas from the cafe (Chai and Rose); which were actually collectively more expensive than the food was! Crazy how cheaply they can make the food and still be breaking even. 

What else was on offer? The Vegan People's Kitchen (understandably) runs on a single menu, but it is available to see online well in advance, and I'm sure they would be happy for you to ask questions about the menu- that's vegan food's whole deal! We asked how the carrot cake was made (because I'd love to make it again) and one of the volunteers chatted away to us for quite some time. 

What did I think? Its a great community venture, all about support and socialising, and food as a shared activity. All cities could use a little more of that sense of community. Volunteers give up time, and effort, for deliberately no return. Its the kind of attitude that should be encouraged! Also the food is really good, so definitely check it out in future. They are planning on doing a once a month schedule. Lastly, I don't usually post pictures of bathrooms in these articles, but check out the Project Cafe's bathroom mural:

You can check out the Vegan People's Kitchen here if you're interested in their future events!

To clarify: Obviously, no one paid me anything in any way, nor was I encouraged, to write about this place. I think its a great idea, and had good food, so wanted to promote it. 


  1. Wow I love this concept. Sounds fantastic. I love things like this; doing good for good's sake.
    And the food looks DIVINE. I am disappointed there's no photo of the carrot cake though ;-) hehe

    1. I'm going to be honest. There was no photo of that because I practically inhaled it. TASTY.

  2. great looking food for very good price, nice mural as well, hope the place thrives

    1. Hopefully so! I loved the mural- who expects a tiger in the bathroom?!

  3. Replies
    1. It was dead tasty! The carrot cake was pretty too... but I practically inhaled that so...