24 Hours in... My Life

It's 6.00 am...

I wake up with a start when my alarm goes off, reverberating its way across my bedside table. I turn off its irritating buzz by mashing all the buttons as fast as possible so as not to wake the S.O. Then I lie there in a stupor for five minutes. Risky strategy, as occasionally this sends me back to sleep. On this occasion it doesn't. Slumbering into the living room, I pull on my clothes on auto-pilot. It's crucial for me to set stuff out the night before as otherwise I will dawdle and forget things. I've also been trying to dress more professionally. I sit fixing my shirt buttons and have a quick flick through twitter to see who is awake. Answer: everyone. I have very active friends. I also try to sort small jobs as I spot them- this morning it's pairing the socks from Sunday's wash.

Next, I steel my resolve and go wash my face. I use coconut oil taken off with a hot cloth in the mornings. This wakes me up a little and I stop me feeling like a fat little man is having a snooze on my eyelids. I drink a pint of water from my favourite super-hipster handled jar and straw. Next is moisturiser with added sunscreen, and then basic make up- foundation , blusher, coloured lip balm, eyebrows. I avoid putting make up on my eyelashes every single day, as I feel it's bad for them and want to keep them long. I pack run kit (also set out from the night before) and food for breakfast. Finally I do my teeth (softly to keep them in good shape) and successfully bargain with myself to floss first.
It's 6.45 am...

I kiss my S.O. goodbye and spray on perfume. Depending how early this is I either get a conversation or a loving grunt. Today is the latter. Before heading off, I just remember my lunch in the fridge. I take the lift downstairs because our gloomy and deserted stairs freak me out way too much to walk 5 flights of them solo. I usually walk to university reading- right now its High Achiever: The Life and Climbs of Chris Bonington- but today I am writing this on my phone. Sometimes I check Instagram instead, sometimes I learn bits of German on Duolingo, which is why my data gets used up so fast. It's gorgeous where I walk, and I get to dog spot. In the summer mornings this really wakes me up and is a good mental start to the day.

Kelvingrove Park
Wellington Church

Glasgow University
It's 7.15 am...

When I reach the university I usually have to sign in and use my security card, as it is usually not late enough for the building to be open. I head up to my office, say hi to the cleaners, and try and think of an answer to, 'How are you?', that isn't, 'Tired'. I make breakfast in the microwave- porridge, hazelnut milk, apple, banana. Put my lunch in the fridge. I feel a bit crap after an indulgent weekend so I'm cleaning up the diet today. I fill up a 1L water bottle to sip on- I go through 3 a day.  Sort out the To Do list for today on Google calendar whilst I munch breakfast. I also pop in planned workouts for the week to see what I can accomplish. This week I have 4 runs, 2 sessions of climbing, and have added a few 'fingers crossed' strength classes that we will see if I make! 

It's 8.00 am...

And I start proper work with some thesis writing- terrifying! I'm scared every time I do this. I do 2 hours. There are building works in the hallways so I'm feeling highly irritated- shut up! Just because the undergraduates aren't here doesn't mean no one is. At 10 am the monotony breaks a little when I get a parcel- it's a Roxy bikini I ordered a while ago. That's the last treat I am to buy myself online shopping... honest. Then I switch onto working on my paper (which is also part of a thesis chapter). The discussion just isn't developing as I'd want it to, and it's by far the most important part. I also find out that the toilet on my floor is now backed up, as someone threw enough paper to make a bonfire down it. Oh well, I guess at least that adds more movement to my day as I now have to go upstairs. At various points I chat to my colleagues about meetings we don't want to go to, today's xkcd strip, and so on.

Roxy bikini- a present to myself

It's 12.00 pm...

Lunchtime! Or rather 'runch'time. I actually feel quite queasy and headachy despite the water but I'm very excited for a chance to run alone and think alone. I shove on my run kit and headphones, and head onto the river pathway through the park. Aiming at 4 miles but only make 3.3. One of those irritating runs where my planned route was much shorter than I thought so I spend ages weaving through random streets, and people, and stopping at traffic lights. Terrible pace in horrible humidity. Glasgow has been so weirdly variable- the weather is oscillating between pouring it down and beaming sunshine. I go to collect a prescription on my way back, only to find out they've sent it back so I need to order a new one (I only got the letter saying I needed to pick it up on Friday!). It was very humid outside so I'm soaked in sweat and rain when I get back to work. 

It's 1.00 pm...

I heat up food to eat at my desk - avocado and sun dried tomato garlic sauce pasta with added cherry tomatoes, peppers, and sweetcorn (recipe here). Its healthy, but it's white pasta, which my S.O. prefers. I prefer wholewheat! I actually think it's tastier today than it was yesterday. I'm currently eating vegetarian-only, and found this recipe online. More parcels- this time a Shock Absorber bra, which I swapped for a larger size from Wiggle. Then I get back to work making images for a paper.

Shock Absorber bra- hope this one fits!

It's 3.00 pm...

And after doing some work I've fallen behind on my day plan! Damnit. I'm quite easily distracted so I need to be careful, and I started replying to blog emails... and you can see how some of that time might have gone! So I add another hour to the calendar for the work I'm doing and restrict the other work pieces to an hour. At 4 I switch back to thesis writing, then from 5 I work on the layout for a poster for an upcoming conference. I'm going to be really busy before then, so its good to work out what I need to develop before the poster is ready.

It's 5.30 pm...

And I'm going home! I wasn't planning on heading home until 7pm, but my S.O. has changed plans and is heading out at 8 to see a friend. That means I can work later at home solo, but want to see him before he heads out. I stress my way around the shops (seriously- nowhere has Quinoa?!*) then get home and start cooking around 6.30. Dinner is ready for 7. We are having couscous (compromise) in a vegetable broth with tomatoes, kidney beans, sweetcorn, chillis, and garlic. It's topped off with lime and avocado slices and he's also having chicken on top. It's really great, and will definitely be added to our roster of recipes (here if you're interested)! We then watch an episode of Dr Who, which we are catching up on. 

Mexican Quinoa
It's 8.00 pm...

And S.O. has headed out. I spend 30 mins talking to a fellow blogger and debating the future of food (more to come on that in a few weeks). Then I turn back to work and my poster design. I really like this part of my job, as it reminds me of the art courses and graphic design classes I used to take. Because this doesn't require all of my brain I leave 90210 on in the background- terrible teen shows are my kryptonite... 

It's 10.00 pm...

I start getting my things ready for tomorrow: outfit prep, food prep -which has been made really easy by dinner leftovers-, and sports clothes for a strength class. Whilst I'm doing this I swirl coconut oil around my mouth. I don't believe in any of the detox guff but it definitely does whiten the teeth. I spit into the wastebasket (it'll block your sinks if you put it down there!), floss, and brush my teeth. I quickly shower, double wash my face, and shove on some moisturiser that claims that under its influence I will never age. I take the same big jar that I drink from in the morning to bed with me, filled with cold water. I set my alarm for 6am. I'll be awake for a half hour or so, putting images in this blog post, but after that I will be dead to the world. I fall asleep easily. 

It's 6.00 am...

I wake up with a start when my alarm goes off, reverberating its way across my bedside table...


What does 24 hours look like in your life? Highlights? Lowlights?


I'm submitting this to the '24 hours in...' link party, but I had already planned to write one. It just fit beautifully in with the theme that Fitcetera, Elle, Charlotte, and Leah were suggesting!

I appreciate that this may be the most boring blog post ever written, but I thought it was good to have an honest insight into the things I deal with every day, and how I juggle health and fitness with real life.

* This is the most middle class problem that anyone has ever had. 


  1. Always cool to read how someone else's day goes. I don't know how you don't get distracted though. When I was at university it didn't take much for me to procrastinate...but I wasn't really that interested in blogs or social media (Facebook was still fairly new) so it was a lot easier to stay focused. Now it's a nightmare! To self-motivate yourself must be really tough but it sounds like you're really organised with your time.

    1. Oh believe me, I'm a TERRIBLE procrastinator. Honestly I fear for it! Social media has made it so much harder. I try to only check it in the bathroom!

  2. Loved this :) It's interesting reading about other people's daily lives (hey, that's why we all blog anyway, isn't it?!) I'm so bad at getting distracted too - hence why I'm ALWAYS busy. Oh and I also love 90210 (shhhhh!) Do you really find the coconut oil whitens your teeth? x

    1. Yeah I really do, done a couple of times a week pre-brushing. I don't like the bicarb etc methods because they are just an exfoliator (for teeth) but coco oil is v gentle. x

  3. SO much to say really! Firstly, 6am?! Dunno how you do it?! I need a good 8 hours every night! lol ...then I also love 90210!! haha! But i still watch all the soaps too :) trashy tv is my fav! oh and your walk route is STUNNING ...worth waking up for, for sure!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the #LBLinkParty too xoxo

    p.s there's a hashtag for your quinoa problem #FirstWorldProblems ...we all have them x

    1. 6am? or 630! I'm such a major morning procrastinator that I need the extra time. I do it by being useless after 10pm ;-)

      Exactly - quinoa is 100% #FirstWorldProblems x

  4. ugh! mornings! I'm much more of a night owl so it's interesting to see how you early birds function so early :) #LBLinkParty

  5. All I can think about now is your dinner and how yummy it looks, I'm off to cook!

    1. It was really good- go for it! Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Great sum up of you day! Sounds like you are super organised - my morning are much more haphazard!

    1. Believe me, some are the very epitome of haphazard!

  7. Love that bikini! I might have to get one for myself. Also, I am very impressed at how you schedule in a balance of working, blogging, and sweating, as well as seeing your SO. Looks like 6am starts are key. :)

    1. You should, its really lovely. And yes, the long day is the key. That sadly means the thing I am really failing to balance is sleep...