Going to Jail with Mirelle Activewear

When I was hunting down Mirelle Activewear in the mean streets of Govan, I was concerned about getting lost... I should have been more concerned that it turned out I was going to jail!

How cool is this?!
Mirelle's office turned out to be in a super-cool restored Edwardian Cell Block. They've been magically converted into small office spaces- I loved that you can still see all the detail of the cells and central walkways, but also have a lot of light coming in from above. Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess was rumored to have been held temporarily in these cells after he crash landed near Eaglesham in 1941! Gangland killer Jimmy Boyle definitely was. They still have a model of what a cell was like (grim) and information about corporal punishment in the jail (very grim). 

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. I was there to meet Mirelle Pertusi, a stunning Brazilian with a fast smile, who was modelling Pluma* leggings from her collection. She was so fun and chatty, and we got totally sidetracked onto a huge range of topics- from how she came to move to Scotland from Sao Paulo, to sexism, to sports. 

We then got on to talking fitness fashion. Mirelle started her company after she couldn't find the kind of basic black legging she was looking for. She wanted stylish, she wanted flattering with the right height of waistband, she wanted opaque. So she used her knowledge to go out and make them herself!  She had brought one of every item in her new collection to our meeting and it was great to get to feel the pieces and discuss them in person. I was struck by how great the materials were- everything was extremely nice to the touch, but felt very strong too. I also commented on how well the seams were made- seams can be a huge issue in active wear as if done incorrectly they chafe and unravel. Mirelle knew a lot about her materials, recommending some particularly for climbing (because they would be fine hitting the wall and would last well), talking about where they were made, and about why different materials were chosen for different items.

All photos were taken across 2 days on the river- which was looking lovely on day 1

As was the science centre where we took the skirt photos
The collection pieces also just look really good- lots of them have lovely piping or mesh details that will make them really flattering.  The two prints (feathers and beach) were really cool. The Blaster pieces are apparently really popular, and I can see why. If you said 'coral and blue' to me, I'd say no, but together on these pieces they look great. Additionally, I was really impressed by how sturdy the blaster sports bra was. Her company is full of really great references to her heritage- the logo is based on the M shaped peaks of Sugarloaf Mountain outside Rio de Janeiro (named because its sharp peak looks a lot like one). Her item names also nod to Brazil- Penna (leggings) means feather in Portuguese, and Arpoador (leggings) is a famed beach in Rio de Janeiro. 

Mirelle was kind enough to give me two pieces to review (hand-delivered and all!). She asked me what I'd like to try- we had been chatting about running skirts so she sent me the City Print running Skirt+, which was in the previous collection. Additionally, I decided to go crazy and get something I had never tried before for working out- a jumpsuit, the Cross Back+. The main query with the jumpsuit was this- was I confident enough to wear it?!

I sized up on the skirt as, even though both the medium and large fitted, I felt it looked better with a bit of 'swooshiness' (that's the technical term!). I wore it to Parkrun, and on a few other runs. I'm a big fan of running skirts and this one is really comfy and very soft. Despite sizing up, it did not fall down at all. When I met Mirelle she asked straight away for feedback on her items, the first thing that came to mind about the skirt is that it'd be great with a phone-sized back pocket in the waistband. Additionally, the undershorts could maybe do with one of those sticky sections at the bottom as they ride up a little when running fast (only noticed this at Parkrun, not on any other run). The undershorts don't have a gusset, but I didn't find the seam line an issue. The main draw for me is the city print- it's a really cool sunset-style stormy cloudscape.

A close up of the print- it was so windy out!
Sorry for my awkward face here!
The jumpsuit was just as lovely as I remembered- thick, strong, but very soft compression material. Its completely opaque, even though its very stretchy. It is also exceedingly flattering: my self-confidence isn't always sky-high, but damn girl. My immediate thought was that I'd totally wear the jumpsuit out on a night out- it would look brilliant with heeled boots. It has this beautiful cross back, with mesh cut-ins.

My main issue with the jumpsuit was getting the guts to wear it exercising, its just not really the done thing in the places I work out. But then I thought about it and realized that no one should really be judging what I'm wearing. And even if they did, why do I care about their opinions? I also wasn't immediately sure what sport it was aimed at, but when I asked Mirelle she said that she wants her kit to work for any movement people want to do.  So after hearing that I wore it on a long cycle (the Loch Katrine ride), climbing, and for runs too.

It performed very well on all three- no chafing even when soaked cycling, soft and comfy, and the extra built in boob support meant my chest felt very secure. It'd also be a good weightlifting piece. I was impressed that there weren't any catches on the material from hitting the wall when climbing- I have other sportswear that has rub marks. I wouldn't wear it on very long runs, as I'd be concerned about the gusset seam (tried to phrase that delicately...). It has the classic jumpsuit/bathroom problem of course, but because its stretchy material it isn't that hard to get out of. Overall, I really loved this piece.

Having a little dance
And pretending I'm a gymnast, "She sticks the landing!"
Thanks Mirelle, for letting me try out your new sportswear. Overall I thought the materials were great, that the designs stand out, and that this activewear got me to try some things I never had before! Mirelle Activewear is a luxury brand, but its prices are very similar to other brands of similar quality (and I think Mirelle has better fabrics than most).


Have you ever worn a jumpsuit or running skirt? Do you think I'm crazy?

Have you tried Mirelle Activewear?

* Also means feather- in Spanish this time.

As always, + marks items I was gifted. This post was not sponsored- Mirelle and I decided on an honest review in return for two gifted items. I am always honest, and was very impressed by the quality of the items I received. No links are affiliate.


  1. I love that jumpsuit! You rock it :) I'm not sure I've seen Mirelle before so I'll have to check them out - thanks for introducing me to a new brand!

    1. Thanks Georgina! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Wow! The tiger is awesome!

    1. Thanks Selene, yes it's gorgeous artwork by Glasgow artist Klingatron - http://klingatron.bigcartel.com/