Friday Stories #1

Bells Bridge and the Science Centre Glasgow

I read this great article in the New Yorker, questioning why we teach girls to be scared whilst we teach boys to be brave.

Prettyfool published this interesting post for Eating Disorders awareness week about her own past. A brave, well-written post.

I don't currently wear Adidas shoes to run but I always have an eye for beautiful aesthetics - the Pure Boost X Space in coral/white is just stunning. They inspired some serious lust. See them on the left of this photo from Charlie's blog post on the launch. When I went hunting for them on the website (just to look you understand) I spotted this animal print colourway. How cool are they?!

Mrs B from Mind Over Matter captured a lot of why I like bouldering in this great blog post. For more, check out my own post Why I Love Climbing

I had a chat today on twitter about harassment when running in preparation for a post that will be up on Sunday or Monday. Only read the replies if you can handle how depressing they are! Do you get harassed when you run?

I've been loving the Nike Women series Margot v.s. Lily. Spoiler - I am 100% team Lily Ninja. I'll be your friend Lily! Margot kind of annoys me, she seems like she needs to grow up. Who's team are you on?

I'll be posting a round up like this regularly from now on as I feel it's a nice way to show you guys some articles, posts, videos, and products that I have been loving. Hope you have a great weekend!


What have you been loving this week?

What weekend plans are afoot?

Post written by Scallywag and published on Scallywag Sprints on 04/03/16


  1. Thanks for linking! :)

    I went to try on the boosts the other day - they are very narrow and unfortunately I have wide feet :(

    1. That is a shame! No worries, it was a great article.