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Sadly this is an artistic rendering not my real life.

Founded by Julie and Simon Freeman, Like the Wind is a new kind of running magazine. In a market saturated by mainstream offerings recycling content on 'How to Get Your Best 10k Time', this magazine is a much-needed addition. In short, LTW talks not about how to do running but about how running feels. Officially it is marketed as a quarterly collection of running stories; spanning race reports, poems, deeply personal accounts of love and loss, and funny prose from many contributors (anyone can offer to contribute artwork or writing to the magazine).

Like the Wind is the only running magazine I would buy these days. I keep my copies on the bookshelf and find myself dipping back into them regularly for inspiration or just reading pleasure. Whilst they are expensive, they are more book than magazine (and only twice the price of RW per issue). Printed on heavy-duty, environmentally friendly paper, each quarterly is stunningly illustrated and filled with photography. I started subscribing to Like the Wind on the UTMB special issue 6. Whilst I intend to buy the previous issues 2-5 (issue 1 is now sadly forever out of stock), issue 6 is the most beautiful to me with its stunning Aurore Carric cover art.

I feel that LTW is a completely different reading experience to any other running magazine out there and I hope it continues to thrive. With other running magazines I feel I may as well just read their website content for free, whereas LTW reminds me of the joy of consuming an engaging novel.

Think you'd like to experience Like the Wind? Well, they kindly offered a giveaway for my blog. All you have to do is provide your email address, which will be added to their mailing list. You can get bonus entries by following Like the Wind magazine or Scallywag Sprints on twitter. The winner receives an issue of Like the Wind to devour. Enter now! 

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Post written by Scallywag and published on Scallywag Sprints on 24/08/16


  1. The magazine sounds fabulous! I've stopped buying other magazines as they're always full of the same sort of stuff - like you say, recycled content. This sounds like it's got some great content!

  2. Emilia Kat says:

    "Wow sounds amazing! I recently cancelled my Women's running magazine subscription because I found it too repetative and often revolved around weight loss.However I really miss the reading and would love to try a a different one"

  3. Oh wow, that does sound like a very interesting magazine - haven't yet stumbled upon it myself, but would love to see what it's all about!

  4. Ooh I've been meaning to read this for aaaages but have never got round to it. I read Runner's World and Women's Running :) Atm I'm not running at all, instead focusing on cycling but want to get back on it for an Autumn 5k and 10k pb before going into marathon training for the winter :)

  5. Looks gorgeous. Would love to win a copy! Thank you! Glad to have found your blog as well.

  6. Love your review. I may have to give it a go and perhaps introduce a friend to it who loves her reading. Currently read the new refreshed running magazine (running fitness mag?) when we can find it.