MoRunning 10km Glasgow

MoRunning invited me to run the Glasgow MoRunning 10km in Glasgow Green on Sunday 13th November, providing me with a free entry in return for a race report. MoRunning supports the work of the Movember Foundation, a charity which tackles prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention in men.

Great medals
We turned up a bit too early for the race on the Sunday morning (no one needs to be there at 8.30 am for a 10.30 am start...); so after collecting our race numbers we bought a coffee and drew ourselves some artful mustaches with Benefit eyeliner (that we were trusting to stay put, given that it wont shift even when you want it to). It took about an hour for a crowd to arrive but we amused ourselves pulling hilarious facial expressions. Despite a definite registration rush hour at 9ish, the event staff seemed to cope well. I didn't ever see much congestion at registration or at the baggage tent, even when we handed in our bags as late as possible (it was freezing and my coat had to go in there).

 People were encouraged to dress silly at the MoRunning 10 km. We saw several good mustache costumes including classic 118 running pair, a Charlie Chaplin, Mario and Luigi, and one terrifying masked and kilted Scotsman. There were also many lady taches', ourselves included, children with mustaches, and dyed versions of the real think (particularly dashing in electric blue number or pink). The costume judging was a little disappointing- I always dislike when the prize is clearly given to the 'Awww' vote, particularly when there are far better costumes there (shout out to the lady strongman, you looked awesome and you won my vote). We also didn't love the announcer (sorry!). Her manner grated and she kept telling people about the city. Given the smallish race, and the multiple locations... I suspect the attendees know more about it than she does, especially as she mispronounced several place names. 

In the run up to the 5 km start the toilets became hugely congested, even though both races combined must have had a max participation of around 500 people. They need more portaloos for 2017 (although the ones that were available were clean). They did postpone both races to wait for people in the queue- with a smallish crowd it was easy to tell by race bib colour who was waiting to be in which race. I always think race should separate spectator loos and runner loos. Spectators in the queue should also defer to runners if they are late for race start! The 10 km started about 20 minutes later, again postponed for the toilet queue. On a cold morning it really doesn't pay to wait around too long in race clothing. If the event were any larger this toilet backlog would not have been manageable.

The finish line!
The 10km route was fairly simple with two loops of the same 5 km which had an out and back, then a sprint up a straight concourse to restart the loop or up a different straight to the finish line after loop 2. If you were gunning for a good time the paths weren't too congested and the course was hugely flat (although the oaths were not closed to other park users). On the downside, I just do not like out and backs much. On the plus side the Green was stunning with the autumn colours. Between the pretty trees, checking out the fun costumes, and chatting to my friend I didn't really notice the repeat sections of the course. We frequently commented that it felt like it was passing really quickly (I reckon we could run and chat for hours). Our socialising made for a highly consistent pace and we were passed only once. We got that spot back by bombing down the finishing chute, past that guy. Sorry dude, turns out in the last 100m we did want to be competitive! We crossed the line together, then headed off to check out the Christmas market. We got a lot of funny looks...


I'd like to thank MoRunning for a highly fun day out. This race truly gave me back some running confidence. I was convinced my times would have fallen off a cliff, and that I would find 10km a challenge to even complete. In real life we did not find a single mile challenging, and came in just over the hour despite the highly casual pace. It may not have felt at all like a race, but it was a gorgeous way to spend a crisp Sunday morning. As you know I didn't pay to enter, but I asked my friend who did and she thought that between the fun dress up, the pretty course, and the charitable cause it was well worth it. I also want to thank MoRunning and Movember for bringing attention and funding to men's health issues, especially mental health. My family knows only too well the importance of men's mental health. Whilst I did not pay to enter the race, I did donate to Movember. 

You can still donate to Movember here or participate in a MoRunning race for MOVEmber in Brighton on Saturday 26th November; or Greenwich London on Sunday 27th November.


Have you ever participated in Movember?

Do you ever just have fun in a race?

Post written by Scallywag and published on Scallywag Sprints on 22/11/16


  1. Ahh sounds like a fun race. I like having a good dress up and especially for a good course. Nice work!