Conic Hill Race

From left: B, Me, NeNe, J, Ci and S
Monday I did notttttthing. Sweet old nothing.

Tuesday I did sprint reps. 1.5 miles warm up with 400mx8, then 0.5 back to the gym.

Wednesday us girls once again proved we are hardcore, as only girls showed up to train. We did the town route, a sweet 6.5 miles. I hadn't eaten enough or drunk enough during the day so I felt a bit sicko but that's my own silly fault :-D

Thursday I couldn't make training. Because 4th Year Uni sucks. Not that I didn't expect it to. So I went to the gym and sauntered about. This is my problem with the gym, unless forced I do very little. I basically did some arm work and 10 min X-Trainer... Lightweight! However, I woke Friday and was glad I only did that. Cause' my shins are sore again. So on Friday I did no cardio at all.

If I can (in my novice state) give you one bit of advice, I give you this: Listen to your body. If it hurts (like beyond a decent workout pain) and especially if it CONTINUES to hurt out-with tough workouts, listen. My shins and ankles are the weakest parts of my legs, easily. My calves are almost never sore, my thighs are steel (well... slightly mushy steel...), but my shins and ankles need a bit o' TLC.

Saturday was a blasttttt: 7 members of the team headed out to do Conic Hill Race, organised by the brilliant Chris Upson. It was tough- the elevation is really sharp and some sections are literally unrunable, but the descent is gorgeous. Especially a section where rise a little again, on a perfect springy grassy hill and suddenly the whole Loch is spread beneath you. Utterly magical.

Cause' its held at Balmaha and limited to 70 people there are ample facilities, no queues for registration, and as always I can't help but think hill runners are so incredibly friendly!

Of our team our girl NeNe was 3rd! She won lovely lovely booze (the other thing hill runners definitely get right- the prizes!).

NeNe, wine and hound

One of our male team was also top ten. After the race, we took the opportunity of being at Loch Lomond to ice in a novel way...

NeNe and I

Fiona McG


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