Athletics Scottish Uni Outdoor Championship

The GUAC (Glasgow Uni Athletics Club) asked us to run at their Outdoors Scottish University Championships in the longer events. They hoped to replicate their stunning indoors success (first place!).

To mix it up a bit I said, 'Why the hell not?', and ran the 3K and 400m relay (B-team). I was so nervous before because track/athletics runners are a lot more serious and I had never run at a track event. sarah and I, however, devised a mantra. That mantra was, 'We are distance runners. For us this is a TRAINING RUN.'. It really helped. To be honest I was really glad to be part of Glasgow Uni at that point because we were the ONLY team who cheered on anyone in any team. A lot of teams seemed to lack the camaderie you see in cross country. 

I was very happy with my 3K time (14.39, 7.51 mile pace), as I didn't think I was at all capable of that  I'd made a pact with the bf to attempt to get a sub-15 time. Done! There was a massive headwind on the 300m corner of each lap but my race seemed really well paced to me and the spectators told me the form was spot on.

I found the 400m relay wayyyy challenging (was so scared I'd drop the baton!) but actually it was great fun. Fast and furious and I was so slow, but fun! Don't know my time yet cause' they aren't up online but I will post it when I know.
BF and El Capitan also ran seriously competitive 5K times (17.21 and 17.34 or similar). BF also ran an amazing 400m relay. He wasn't happy cause' he dropped a medal place for the team but near the last 50m his legs were buckling. He gave it everything and theres never any shame in that situation.

Overall GUAC came 2nd and could hold their heads high another day. Also I had fun! And I reckon I'd like to try a little more sprinting- I wore Sarah's track spikes for the 400m and I really liked running in them.


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