I Ran!!! & Scottish Uni Relays

A whole freaking 0.4 miles!

Heres the leg saga up to date: After all that utterly ridiculous faff with docs reception, "Oh goodness no, a doctor?! Look at an ACTUAL WOUND?! And worse... you want them to actually touch it! Oh no no no, doctors are far too good for that sort of thing. We shall have to get thee a nurse, though we only have one and she's busy for three weeks. So I guess you'll just have to watch as the stitches slowly embed themselves in the scar tissue and deal with the resulting fallout of an overly stiff knee for the rest of your existence", I saw the doctor anyway to get a sick line for work. He of course took one teeny look at it, said, "We'll just whip those stitches out shall we?", and had it over in 10 minutes. Golden.

Then I could bend a bit more and do things a bit more. Then in the past two weeks I split it open twice- arghhhhh. BF is starting to become concerned that theres something wrong with me neurologically because of how often I fall! I guess at least I will have an awesome scar.

J and I- the injured- supporting
So since I can't run I supported my team, and to be honest anyone running at all, at the Alan Scally Road Relays in Shettleson, which also serve at the Scottish Uni Championship Road Relays. Its a 5 mile relay course, with several rolling hills etc.

Female team captain, S (Girls B), racing
We entered 5 male teams (of 4 per team) and 3 female ones (of 3 per team)... AND WE DOMINATED. Eeeee I was so excited, the girls A team were first overall, and obviously first university, the boys A team was first university, second overall, and our girls B team was second university girls! People ran amazing times- Derek Hawkins in our boys A team equalled his own course record at 23.07... for five freakin' miles.

C and her tasche
NeNe (girls B), T and J after racing
But, knee got infected (yellow-eew, pus-eew) cause it kept splitting and then I finally got antibiotics and its finally actually starting to close up properly and scab over so maybe I can start running again properly! Baby steps...

I am so so so snowed under with work these days. Starbucks was megaaaaaaaa busy for the weekend since it was Guy Falkes night/fireworks night. I miss how much I used to love that night- now all I think of is teens throwing things that are on fire and all my age group does is go out. Its one of these days I reckon will return to being more magical as soon as any of my friends start having kids. Loving the new Toffee Nut Lattes mind.
(Sadly, no, they don't pay me to advertise).
I'm going to maybe try running a WHOLE MILE this week. Then two next week! Yesterday as well as the teeny jog I did 5 mins cross training at level 6, some arms and abs gym work. Today I'm going to hit up my flatmate's pilates DVD and I'm also going to work on getting my eating back up to scratch.


  1. Ummm... CONGRATULATIONS on getting back in the running game! How frustrating it is to be injured. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog the other day... I really appreciate it! I hope your knee is back in shape SOON!

    1. Thanks for the congrats :) Still struggling but I'll get there!