Scottish Unis

Yet another competition I couldn't race! Argh! In short, the team headed to St Andrews to do the Scottish Unis Cross Country Championships. They did awesome as usual: Lachlan Oates was first for Glasgow, the girls team were second overall and muddy fun was had by all:

I think those just about say it all. As N put it, "Its the sign of a group of fine athletic specimens when you can see more rib than muscle".

ALSO! The deeply snazzy man that is The Boring Runner is giving away 2 pairs of Brooks shoes that aren't even second hand. What a man. Plus hes funny as heck. If you ever wanted to see a man on the toilet, you can now do so under the guise of 'reading running blogs'. Enjoy.


  1. I think that I could get used to being called snazzy. thanks! :) Good luck!

    1. I didn't win :( it made me very sad. But you are still snazzy!