In an Ideal World In Which I Was Rich

1. Nike Running Skirt: love the pattern on this.
2. Trigger Point "The Grid" Foam Roller: given my problems with ITBS I would really love one of these but dangggg are they not cheap. Sadly the cheaper ones on amazon get a lot of bad reviews about being useless after a couple of weeks.
3. Adidas Tank: Nice sleek design, not too long or short and I really need a vest to run in in summer.
4. Nike Tempos: Yeah I don't really need new shorts but I love the graphic patterns Nike come up with.
5. Nike Sports Bra: At the Isle of Man weekend, the friend I shared a room with had this and I am totally obsessed with it. Loved the fit (modelled by her obviously), pattern, look of it. 
6. Run Pretty Far Tee: Great motto on this one, run through all these things! 
7. Running Skirts On the Run Skirt: So Parisian looking! So cute!
8. Running Skirts Pink Pixel Skirt: Yeah another gorgeous graphico.

Sadly me ever owning these would be in a dream world where I have unlimited cash. The only would I would truly buy now is no 5 but its out of stock and the only place where its stocked online is charging an extortionate 45 english pounds! IT'S A BRA.

I may put up a cheeky post about the running outfits I already have at some point :) but till then I will live in the dreamworld where this picture is of the contents of my running drawer.


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