May Madness

Well I'm still working out everyday, sometimes lots, sometimes leeeetle bits. Now, I have a little working out story for you:

It was years ago... (Well...Yesterday evening) at 5pm on one hot summers evening. I was strung out, stressed, shattered, and all other negative s words, and grumpy as a bear with a bad headache. I was p-ssed and in a ridiculous mood. Arriving at training I discovered I had accidentally brough my BFs dirty, smelly, football tee-shirt instead of my nice clean Grangemouth tech tee (theyre the same colour and general look).  WHYISTHISTOPONMYFLOOR. IAMNOTALAUNDRYSERVICE!

Wait, I'm sounding like a cowbag here. Back up a bit. Earlier that day I had gotten my hair cut, only woke up 20 minutes prior to the appointment so had to sprint there and then after getting some relaxing chat and a nice cut realised I had forgotten my wallet. I had to run home to get that, then run all the way back (they were very nice about it all), then after FINALLY got to uni a good 1.5 hours later than intended to restart essaying. Then realised that in the morning's rush I had forgotten my meds so had to run back to my flat AGAIN. So by the time you add 4 hours of essay writing and the tee-shirt fiasco onto that I was grumptastic

Inside my head it was like this:

There was a session on but I had planned some nice easy miles. No game- no one wanted to come, and everyone wanted me to do the session. BF, and two close running pals were ALL UP IN MY GRILL about it. I was 5% concerned about my legs and 95% just a whiny biatch, but I crumbled under pressure and went to the session. The whole 2 mile warmup I was grumbling: I'm too tired for this, my legs hurt, I'll ruin them, its so hot out, why are they making me do this, I'll be last like always and that will suck, I HATE sucking. Etc.

Then we hit the park to do 200m sprint reps on a loop- slight hill (up to 100m, down to 200m). And... and it was a really great session. 

Damnit, complaining rights all gone. I was only just behind the other 2 girls, both of whom are far far better runners than me (and I mean literally 1 second behind on all reps). Coach told me to average maybe a 45 or 46 second rep time and I did between 38s and 41s the entire time (a 5.17 min mile average pace). For 8 repetitions. Apparently I needed a run and a challenge. So, after me being a mega whine, all my running pals and the BF were totally right. It was hard and I was sweaty and felt sick but this will make me a better runner.

Lesson learnt!


Do you ever just need told to man up?
Hate/Love sprints?


  1. Hey girl Hey!! It sounds like you had a stressful day. I would be extra grumpy if I were you! :)

    But WAY TO GO on those sprints! That's awesome!

    PS. I really like the new layout!

    1. Thanks Brandi!

      I'm so glad youre back on the blogging field! Missed reading your contributions :).

      Yeah I was grump central ha ha.