Water - Splish Splosh Splish

I used to be great with water and slosh down about 3 litres a day no issue. These days I'm dehydrating myself massively and eating badly too ( a lesser issue but still an issue!) and actually almost fainted at a reallllllly awkward moment the other day! I need to take better care of myself so for the next wee while I'm going to start recording my days nutrition in my topbar.  With water I feel that I just need to have a full bottle on me, at all times. I'm lucky here- my district (the use of that word now just reminds me of the hunger games) has amazing, pure, tasty local water from Loch Katrine that handily slides straight out of our taps.

Get Fitter- Work it baby yeahhhhh...

Just a plain one, get back to fitness and back to health. BUCS is soon-ish and I'm planning to run it this year.

Stress- Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I get very easily stressed out and panicky. Since I'm now doing a PhD, which is by its very nature really high pressure, this emotion is not helpful. However, I get it, everyone gets stressed. What really slays me is how I respond to stress (I call it the 'Ostrich')- with panicky avoidance. This is just USELESS and is something I'm really going to try and avoid this year. 

The new year for me is full of scary deadlines and I expect January to be really stressful so I need to learn to control this response and just breathe a bit! 

Happy New Year everyone and enjoy your night out if you have one ;-)

PS: As you may have noticed, I LOVE someecards.


  1. Oh do I hear you here!!!! I have gained quite a bit of weight and lost fitness. I have been having to remind myself to drink water instead of coffee and tea all day long ;) I am really noticing all my hard work fading in my body. I don't even make new years resolutions. I always suck at them. I just always try to keep plugging along. We'll get there :D xo

    1. Tell me about it- I can feel the health slipping! xox

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    1. Seriously- go on someecards, you will NEVER stop laughing!

  3. I really need to drink more water also!!

    CC x

    1. I know right! Im trying to carry a bottle at alllll times!