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After BUCS (you can check out the race report here) I have actually managed to run a fair bit, despite not updating at all! I have also been swimming regularly with the Triathlon club at the university. I though swimming was easy or a 'recovery' sport. I was incorrect ha ha. Hopefully with a few more weeks of this my shoulders will be looking lovely as currently during every front crawl session they are soreeee.

I have been swimming approx 2 or 3 times a week, running about 2 and trying to do one yoga class and one total body workout class.

However this week is a bit different because on Thursday my team is making the long, hectic, knackering but fun trip to the Isle of Man for the Easter Running Festival! Expect a post with silly escapades and drunken tales sometime next week :)

It does mean this week at work has been a complete failure so far as I am much too excited to concentrate. I have however created some nail art in my lunch hour:
Isle of Man 2013
Glasgow Uni Hares and Hounds!


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