Splish Splosh Splash

So, I've been swimming a ton recently with the Triathlon club and with a swimming improvers group and I finally, actually feel like I might be getting minutely better at front crawl.
I know, stand back Phelps and Lochte, eh?
Ah... That picture was totally unnecessary to this post content and I dont even care. For more information see Reasons why Ryan Lochte is Americas Sexiest Douchebag (Language warning).
I've finally got to that stage where I'm not constantly sinking and spluttering water, and can actually keep up some form of lengths. Now I just need to learn how to do the arm strokes properly and gain endurance and we'll be jamming :)
Some of the drills are really weird. So far the easy ones are boards with only legs kicking (practising moving from the hip not knee and keeping legs straight but fluid not rigid); in-between-knees float with only arms; pull throughs which I dont know the name of (where you do one arm rotation then kick on side for 6 beats then rotate with the other arm and repeat, body always on its side); and 'catch ups' (where only one arm moves at a time whilst the other is straight out in front until the moving arm re-clasps it, body is face down with rotation).
The hard ones are the 'zipper' (where with every arm stroke you pull your thumb up your side to encourage you to shove your elbow in the air) and 'tap/salut before entry' (where your moving hand should tap your temples before going into the water in front of you, which does almost a salut with your head turned to breathe). These are really dang hard to get a hold of rhymically and I quite often inhale half a pool!
Sorry that turned into a bit of a rant. The best news is i've finally decided I'm committed enough to treat myself to a new swimsuit and stop using my aunt's only one that she gave me after she grew out of it.
In other news I've finally started DailyMile recording again! Additionally, look for an IOM post today or tomorrow.
Remember, you can check out what Im eating and what exercise I'm doing this week on my 'Diary' tab- all constructive critisism welcome!
Do you swim at all? Are you a fan?


  1. I beg to differ- that photo is totally necessary to the post! ;) I can barely swim at all (read backstroke and granny bobbing only) so am in awe of people who do cool things like drills with a club!

    1. Hahaha 'granny bobbing'- what a great description! xox