A 'Couple of Miles'

Last night I headed out for a 'couple of miles' while the BF made tea. Just a casual, "Be back in a bit" and a prance out the door with my Garmin only.
I quickly realised I had made some errors.
Firstly, N does not yet realise that my 'couple of miles' could mean anything up to about 5. It is certainly not 2 miles and is more a feeling than a number. He, as a rational creature, was expecting me back in about 20 minutes. Secondly, the beautiful Clyde river path I had chosen to loop on to was much longer than I remember so the route was also much longer than my internal estimate.

Looks a bit like this. Except for once it was sunny! I run across those 2 bridges.

However, I thought that I wouldnt be too late back. Plus he was playing Fifa (its distracting I hear) and sweet potatoes take a while to bake and I could totally get away with it without causing worry.
I turned onto the river path and was toodling along looking at the gorgeous view. I was actually loving the run- compared to Tuesdays it felt really smooth and easy. Then I stepped into an almighty hole in the ground. ALMIGHTY I say. Okay, it was more foot sized in diameter but that is coincidentally exactly big enough for ones foot to go right into it and trip you up and yank your knee. Damnit.
I don't have a picture of this hole because I did not have my phone on me. Ergo, about 3 miles from my home by the shortest route I ended up walk/jog/hopping back to the flat where Neal was panicking because what he thought was 2 miles had just taken me over an hour to complete. He was contemplating coming looking for me then realised he had no idea where I was.
Lessons learned from this: Try and give bf SOME idea of a route. Take your phone if you can. Or learn his mobile number in case you need to use a strangers.
Other lessons learned: Awww shucks, he was worriedddd *blushes*.
It also led to this fantastic tweet from a friend:
I should definitely call one of those helplines...
PS: Goldilocks Running wrote an excellent post on being a back of the pack runner that I can TOTALLY relate to.


  1. This is a very valid post- I never used to think about this but over the past few months I've started being more careful and telling friends/housemates/family where I'm going and how long (ish) I'll be!
    Thanks for the link too- I love it! :)

    1. Yeahhhh, I really need to get serious about safety! The things I DO do right: not run the same routes all the time; not run in dark or sketchy areas; rarely run alone after dark. Things I DONT do right: run with headphones a lot; dont take my phone; dont give proper guidelines of where im going till when...

  2. Geesh! Hope the knee heals quickly! And be sure and let someone know where you are going! :-)

    1. It feels fine now, I think it was just a jerk of it? But YES> I need to start doing that ASAP :)

  3. Eek!! Glad your knee is feeling better now though! Take your phone! You get to take pics too!! :)

    1. Definitely need to start bringing one for both safety and a photo opp!