Busy, Busy, Busy

I am currently near psychotically busy with the PhD, that explains the lack of posts! However, I have been working out (honest)!
Yesterday I was in the pool swimming alternate lengths crawl and breast stroke (I was feeling crappy and wanted something easy and brainless to do for 40 minutes) in the 'medium' lane with another girl. The deal here is obvious- swim up one side and back the other. Even if it isnt obvious there are signs informing you of this exact rule. As we were swimming, a man I can only describe as looking like a more tanned Keith Lemon in tiny speedos walked from the changing room, right up to the deep end of our lane and surveyed our swimming.
We first assumed he was checking which lane was moving at his pace (there is also a faster marked lane) then it got to the point where he had been staring at two 20-something girls swimming for waaaaay too long. Then he jumped in like a cannonball. At least one thing was sorted- he was waiting for space to do that.
However, he then procedes to maniacally swim up and down the lane on one side only, overtaking us all the time and barging into us if we were coming the opposite way on that side (eg the right way for that side). Perhaps he was trying to impress us with his swimming speed but 1) He had only just arrived so sure, dude, ofc youre full of beans; 2) His stroke was so bad he looked like an octopus having a fit- completely straight but loopy arms (and thats coming from ME, worst crawl swimmer of late 2012) and 3) the swim team boys in the fast lane beside ours were a good deal more distracting if you know what I mean.
We ended up finding him so amusing that the girl and I kept laughing together whenever he trumpeted past, then ended up bonding on our way out about the now-famous 'octopus man'. We hypothesised that its just his crafty way of getting the lane to himself and that he has now won. Bah humbug.
So, since I am scary busy at the moment Im going to leave you with this, if David Cameron* has time to run so do you!
*Americans- pretend this says 'Obama' PS: This is the British PM


  1. I think I would have given octo-swimmer the death stare if he did that in my swimming lane*

    Minus kudos for your choice of person to use as motivation for finding time to run ;)

    *I probably (definitely) wouldn't have given him the death stare, more likely huffed and puffed and used another lane, or run to the life guard like a big kid to snitch on him...

    1. I'm only using him because there are NO good UK politicians ha ha!

      For some reason google had put this comment in my spam folder... maybe google knows something about you we don't? ARE YOU A ROBOT?!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. best of luck with your PHD and sorry to hear about that guy disruptin your swimming. hope you have better days at the pool.

    PS: cameron has a great deal of time for a lot of things lol whilst us poor folk work our butts off to be able to afford an education *sigh*

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    1. Yes recent news suggests he also likes a holiday...

      Thanks for your comment!