I Bought Myself Some Presents...

From left to right: A cheeky pair of Nike Twisted Tempo shorts (£10 on sale at achilles Heel!); What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (£6.29 from Amazon) and a new Adidas Inspiration swimsuit (£23... oops!).
I haven't recieved any of these things wholely yet. The Nike Twisted Tempos came the same day (way to go AH!), however I hadn't googled them first and I should have- they run about a full size smaller than the normal tempos and are a lot sleeker/less baggy. Still got them on but not comfy so I ordered a pair in the size up and am giving the first pair to a friend who was admiring them. Otherwise they look ace and I will review them at some point!
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running has some great reviews and I already love Murakami as a writer so I suspect I will like this too. I wasn't actually aware he was a runner until I read the book reviews and it turns out he is a marathoner, ultramarathoner and triathlete too! You can read a Runner's World article about him here.
The swimsuit also isnt here yet but has been a bit of a mare' if I'm honest! Adidas deliver by UPS which is good except they only deliver during working hours on weekdays and are unable to say when. This means it isnt possible for me or my BF to be in and so I had to redirect to my work address, which I think is a little unprofessional looking. Also the sizes online (and indeed in most swimwear brands I looked at) are super hard to work out! Pros: Ive been doing a lot of swimming so I feel I deserve a new suit and it looks ace... And its also in my team colours! Wha-oh you know what it is BlackandYellowBlackandYellowwwww. Again, I'll let you know what I think about it when I've used it for a while.


  1. I've read What I Talk About... and found it quite interesting, its quite a short book too so fairly easy to read in a few sittings :)

    1. Yeah I spotted its length and Ive been dipping into it on my walk to work (NOT a safe habit- Ive had some close escapades with lamp posts...)

      I'll let you know what I thin post read.

      Also I checked out your blog and its very funny so you have a new follower! Ha ha

    2. Thanks :)

      Yeah let me know what you think of it!