Hiking in Switzerland

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes, I was in Switzerland for a week and it was crazy awesome. It was a hiking trip with my family (intended to be the last family holiday *sob* before my brother moves abroad). We stayed in three places: Wengen, Grindelwald and Meringen and hiked between them. The following is just a rough outline of only some of the things we did. We hiked a lot... But also ate a lot...

On Saturday 20th we arrived in Switzerland and due to some train issues (Swiss efficiency, what?) we had to keep switching so arrived a bit late at our lovely hotel in Wengen and had dinner (4 courses, yelp guess I'm not loosing weight on this holiday!).

On Sunday 21st we took the train towards Murren, then did a 2.5 hour hike, then hopped on the cable car to Schilthorn, where the James Bond film 'Her Majesty's Secret Service' was filmed (think snowy peak and weird cafĂ©- very strange, still looks like a villain's lair). We then cable car-ed down a little and hiked down the rest of the valley back to Wengen, for about 10 mi total hiking.

I think this picture is from that day, but I'm not so sure...
Monday 22nd we took the cable car up to the ridge, hiked to Kleine Scheidegg then did a really cool hike past the infamous Eiger North Face which was about 8 miles long. Then we hiked down into the valley in Grindelwald for our second hotel. All these hike lengths are approximate because all three places we stayed are in valleys and my Garmin kept loosing signal down in the leafy green valley floors #RunnerProblems!

There were loads of paragliders around the area, throughout the Schilthorn, Eiger area and even up at Jungfraujoch
On Tuesday we headed up Jungfraujoch, known as the 'highest place in Europe'. Spoiler: Its not, the next mountain is actually higher than it (the Mensch) but it is the highest railway station in Europe. The train also goes right through the Eiger mountain so its really cool but very, very busy. At the top there is a glacier which you can hike on. We did, but I ended up turning back early with my mum as the altitude (its 3,454 metres- 11,332 ft) was getting to us a bit. That made it only about 2 mi walking overall.

Butterflies at the windows of the train looking out through the Eiger
On Wednesday we walked about 6 miles. Took the cable car to First (a place not a cable car number- super confusing in conversation, reminded me of this How I Met Your Mother scene), we then walked to Bachsee (Lake Bach) and back, walk down to Bort (the village below), and took scooter bikes back- these have no pedals, just brakes and do not count as exercise!

My brother on a rock

Thursday we hiked from Grindelwald to our next destination- Meringen. It was about an 11 mi hike from the cablecar station at First, up via the Marmot hills, bypassing Grosse Scheidegg to walk down Reichenbach falls (famous from Sherlock Holmes) then we took the cable car down to Meringen.
My brother being Sherlock
Lastly, on Friday 27th we took a cable car up to Alpen tower then did a terrifying 2 mi ridge walk. I didn't have proper hill shoes on and its an 'alpine' hike (some mountaineering gear may be required) so I eventually got stuck and we returned back down. In the afternoon we wandered another 2miles through a gorge but that was highly leisurely! Then the next day we sadly had to go home!
Some extras:
  • The weather was AMAZING the whole time (like 24 degrees Celsius plus)
  • Everything looks like a green screen because its so improbably attractive
  • We saw a ton of base jumpers and it looks TERRIFYING
  • They grow em' cute in Switzerland ;-)
  • 40 something miles total- not bad for a holiday!
  • I also have a ton of instagrams of Switzerland (see left)
  • I saw a Marmot (he was unhappy at our presence- they're actually very noisy! There is a picture of one in my instagram photos) and met this handsome chap, who's name was Gandolf:


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