So training is going OKAY. I've been running 3 times a week, working in slowly, although this week was a bit of a bust...

One thing I really do need to add is proper warm up and stretching and foam rolling. I found this dynamic warm up routine (as most sources now say that static stretches are NO GOOD before running and can potentially do damage).


And I'm planning a firm routine of stretching afterwards, particularly pigeon pose and other hip and quad centric stretching. 

This morning I jumped to Total Body Workout at 730 am. Great class as the guy who takes it is a marathoner himself and there is a lot of focus on strength that is good for running (squats, lunges, planks, bridges etc) mixed with my required 'vanity' workouts (arms, abs etc). However now its 9.12 and I feel DONE IN. The price I pay for working out!


What stretches do you most enjoy?

Do you have a foam roller? What brand and is it decent?


  1. I'm not sure I could say I enjoy my stretches as such ... which probably means I'm not doing them right! I just have standard set that I do after a run but I have to admit I do feel better when I've done them - and can tell when I haven't! I've got a foam roller. No idea what brand but it was about £10 from Argos. It's a very basic one - none of the knobs or bobbles that some of them have!! :)

    1. Do you think it works well enough? I know the TP ones are meant to be best but the inner me just thinks... 40 quid for some foam?! Haha. A cheeky argos number might be just the ticket...